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Album · 2004

Filed under Avant-garde Metal


1. Mork and Mindy (Daydream Lover) (3:56)
2. The White Light (3:22)
3. Death, I... (4:58)
4. The Long Road to the 4th Dimension (4:06)
5. Mannequin (2:43)
6. Mirrorrim (2:51)
7. Imogen's Puzzle (1:59)
8. Anomaly (3:39)
9. Bones to Dust (15:39)

Total Time: 43:16


- Chris Arp / guitar
- Fred Decoste / bass
- Adam Frappolli / vocals
- Greg Herman / drums

About this release

Released 19th October 2004 on Metal Blade / Black Market Activities.

Thanks to Bosh66 for the updates

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
Well, what do we have here? This is mathcore metal at its most extreme. In fact I believe this is extreme metal's version of free jazz with Christopher Arp's wild frenzied manic guitar scales at a million miles an hour with Fred DeCoste's equally fast bass often backing it up with some kind of bop equivalent going on at times. Adam Frapolli's vocals are intense and as crazed as anything i've ever heard. Maybe this could be described as Meshuggah meets Elliot Sharp, Zeena Parkins and maybe Sun Ra with some Unexpect thrown in for good measure. It's just out there! Let's not leave out Greg Herman's drumming that is equally on par with the rest of the band changing jazzy drum rolls to blastbeats and back in the matter of nanoseconds. Whew! This is exhausting stuff.

Guitarist Christopher Arp demonstrates on “Death, I” and “Imogen's Puzzle” by slowing it down a bit that there is indeed some kind of jazz / metal fusion going on here. Whether these scales and chord progressions are made up or a hybrid of something is beyond me but there is definitely a pattern here and not just random noise. I am a warped individual and I actually like this as I am attracted to the furthest extremes that music has to offer. You know you got something wild if it makes Mr Bungle seem closer to Barbara Streisand than this! This kind of stuff is reserved for those special moods as I surely could not listen to this too often as it lacks diversity but as a short burst of extreme intense energy it delivers quite effectively.
(Original review from

Wow. A crazy one this band is. Let me start by saying if you can barely get into bands like BTBAM or TDEP, then do not even try this album at all. This is one of the most agressive dissonant bands out there. Riffs do not exist in Psyopus's world, and neither do time signatures. This is hyper music that really does not stop to give you a brath of fresh air.

That being said, for me, this album is amazing and a masterpiece. Yes I said it. A masterpiece. This is about as far as I can go with extreme music before it gets to much, and this band is about at that line where the "music" crosses into pain, but I am not bothered by the harshness here. The only song where you get a small break is Imogen's Puzzle with some acoustic guitar and some girl screaming. The closing song Bones To Dust is one of those songswhere you think the band has decided to do some epic song, but then you find out there is mostly silence with a small "hidden song" towards the end of this long silence. Thankfully you can shorten that silence.

The muscians are without a doubt super-super skilled with crazy guitar, bass, and drum playing abounding. The singer screams his head off, which fits well with the crazy backdrop of insane noise. This is a band I highly enjoy, even though this is most certantly not for everyone, but something that I think as absolutely wonderful.

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