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Album · 2018


1. Epic Loon Theme (01:41)
2. In space, no one can hear you make yourself a sandwich (01:36)
3. Nostromo cryo system fresh ice cream guaranteed ! (02:42)
4. An S.O.S from LV426 takes 6M years to reach Belgium (02:34)
5. Acheron, the Calpamos moon, is also the name of our cat (03:02)
6. Xenomorphs are just big chickens after all (02:58)
7. For the smile of a child with a dolphin t-shirt (02:04)
8. Evil nutshells with hay fever vs all people named Renee (04:09)
9. Did prehistoric giraffes wear long ties (02:31)
10. It's way too hot to drink rustproof engine oil (01:21)
11. The best vacuum cleaners were produced during the Cenozoic era (03:56)
12. Tyrannosaure+Châlet7=Taupiniere-(nSaumon)² (03:33)
13. Damned Raptors! (03:49)
14. Programming naughty pictograms in Python (02:46)
15. Epic Boss Theme (01:19)
16. Un quadrilobe à palmette fleurdelysé, ça a du chien (01:11)
17. Even in the Carpathians, taking a train is still faster than riding a ghoul (05:56)
18. What would Chester Copperpot have to say about this (04:44)
19. A quantum mirror may generate self-petrified gorgons (02:10)
20. Tidal energy through a rat's perspective (03:02)
21. Cette année, on anticipe les mites avec un inhibiteur de la pompe à proton (01:55)
22. Fishermen's villages usually hide ninjas (03:34)
23. Luckily, reptiles use condoms. Phew ! No chlamydia this time... (02:24)
24. Bubbles will be crapped in glue over Tokyo's harbour (03:27)
25. Muzzle, snout, fire, Muzzle (02:58)
26. Death by uranium hexafluoride (02:30)
27. Mullet haircut Grand finale (02:43)
28. Score Theme Extended - Bonus (0:50)
29. Epi the Clown - Bonus (0:54)

Total Time: 1:18:32


- Ben Bardiaux / Keys
- Nils Cheville / Guitars, keys
- Antony Miranda / Bass, guitars, keys
- Nicolas Sénac / Guitars
- Aymeric Thomas / Drums, percs, keys, electronics.

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2018 CD Apathia / APA38CD France
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2018 CD Apathia / 1H14MIN22S

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
PRYAPISME makes a surprise return only one year after their previous “Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium,” in the form of a full album instead of a short EP like those that filled the five year gap between “Diabolicus” and “Hyperblast Super-Collider.” France’s best known genre bending maniacs bring forth their fourth full-length release EPIC LOON OST which serves as yet another testament to their love of old school Nintendo games, archaic VHS tapes, disco and metal all wrapped in a warped sense of humor regarding their favorite furry mascot, their Russian gray kitty cat. So expect another playful romp into their fantasy world that teeters on the edge of a psychotic breakdown! I mean just look at some of the track titles. “For The Smile Of A Child With A Dolphin T-Shirt” and “The Best Vacuum Cleaners Were Produced During The Cenozoic Era!”

EPIC LOON OST is a whopping double album of material clocking in at the 78 minute mark and serves as the soundtrack for the video game of the same name that narrates the adventures of four aliens who invade pastiches of 80s and 90s cult movies. While the video game manufacturer set obvious parameters to shape their warped fantasy world to their liking, they gave PRYAPISME the green light to derive as much inspiration as they wished to stuff in as many disparate ideas as they possibly could. Once again this true disciple from the Mr Bungle universe cranks out their usual-by-now unusual mix of avant-garde metal, brostep, chiptune and Raymond Scott inspired cartoon music in playful psychotic glee.

The soundtrack consists of 29 individual tracks with many playing out at under the minute mark and a scant few making it over four minutes. Although genetically related to PRYAPISME’s previous output, it’s obvious that this one was tamped down to serve a purpose rather than stretching out to infinity and beyond. While i can appreciate the music to this larger video game universe, i’m afraid i’m missing out on the context for which these tracks were created and for anyone aware of modern day video game music which can be epic in scope, much of the purpose is obfuscated although a general feel can be evoked.

While there is much to love on EPIC LOON OST, point blank this album is waaaaay too long for a single listening session. The bouncy and bombastic cyber metal laced with all kinds of prog rock, glitch, electronic accoutrements in instrumental fashion delivers the usual PRYAPISME schizoid charm, EPIC LOON OST seems to be too much of a good thing with many tracks being merely OK. Such is the case with many soundtracks for me. While perfectly constructed for coinciding with the visuals they were designed to merge with, as a sonic experience only some of them aren’t blockbusters in their own right. This is another pleasant slice of the PRYAPISME universe but not as cool as their previous albums but probably isn’t supposed to be either.

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