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Album · 2012

Filed under Power Metal


1. Unbreakable (Part 1) (1:37)
2. Strike (4:39)
3. Give 'Em Hell (3:05)
4. Bad Guys Wear Black (3:31)
5. And There Was Silence (5:13)
6. Metal Nation (5:11)
7. Where Angels Die (8:09)
8. Unbreakable (Part 2) (6:05)
9. Marching Again (5:41)
10. Born Again (4:48)
11. Blaze Of Glory (3:56)
12. Conviction (3:49)
13. Night Of The Jumps (3:55)

Total Time 59:39


- Mat Sinner / Bass
- Ralf Scheepers / Vocals
- Alex Beyrodt / Guitars
- Randy Black / Drums
- Magnus Karlsson / Guitars

- Oliver Hartmann / Vocals (Backing)
- Erik Mårtensson / Vocals (Backing)

About this release

Frontiers Records, January 20th, 2012

*Night of the Jumps is a bonus track only available in the first pressing in digipak.

Thanks to UMUR for the addition and DippoMagoo for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

'Unbreakable' might be a cliche power metal album, something that you've predicted and expected right from the start when you tore off the CD's seal and put it in the player, but PRIMAL FEAR delivered something that they're very good at and what makes this album stood out is the brilliant composition of the songs packed with an extremely tight rhythm section

After the intro, 'Strike' thrusted deep with a blistering tempo and incinerating harmonic solos. A perfect song in my book, and two other tracks that's as strong as this one is 'And There Was Silence' which reminds me a lot to classic HELLOWEEN and also 'Unbreakable Part 2', a 6-minutes power metal epic that's also the best part of the second half.

PRIMAL FEAR isn't only about power and speed, because I think of them as a cross between JUDAS PRIEST and old HELLOWEEN, so there are still plenty of awesome heavy metal tracks such as 'Give Em Hell' with a fantastic riffs; the first single, 'Bad Guys Wear Black' which ironically is only the fifth best track here; and 'Blaze of Glory'. Ralf Scheepers vocal is still a monster, and check out his take on the last tune, 'Conviction', a brutally beautiful slab of power metal.

It's probably the same old style, and sometimes the term 'consistency' always overlapped with 'monotonous', depends on how you look it. If you're looking for something fresh and new, you might not gonna find it here, but if you need something classic done right, this is a solid pick!
Phonebook Eater

"Unbreakable" holds tight the usual cliches of Power Metal, without adding much spice to the compositions.

Primal Fear are a Power Metal band from Germany, and have been in the scene since the mid-late nineties, managing to keep a pretty decent level of popularity among fans of the genre. “Unbreakable” is the tenth studio album these guys have released, and it’s pretty much the same thing over and over, the same formulas, probably even a few riffs are the same too, although some are fun and enjoyable.

If there is something that can’t be denied about this album is that its production is incredible, extremely polished and clear. The guitars, thanks to that, sound particularly heavy and in-your-face, and, being Power metal we’re talking about, they are fast and accompanied by the strong, ballzy vocals by Ralf Scheeper that remind a bit of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, and the fast paced rhythm section.

However, everything in the album seems overdone, and every single riff I hear, even though some are truly good, are just not at all new to my ears. This band looks like they’re not even trying to be original, and they rather stick to the usual clichés of Power Metal, which is already a genre I personally am not always fond of, especially because of it’s cheesy melodies, which are not really abundant in “Unbreakable”, but still present, and do not pass unnoticed, unfortunately.

Some good moments are detectable, like the song “Rise” or the softer “Metal Nation”, but the rest of the tracks sound extremely over the top, overheard Power Metal anthems that don’t really differ one another.

“Unbreakable” might be the bread and butter for hardcore Power Metal fans, because of it’s faithful, strong roots, but, as an occasional listener of the genre, I must say it’s a listen that didn’t do much, nor proposed any new approaches or sonic adventures. And you don’t need much more to be slightly different from the rest.
Though they don't have a reputation as the most revolutionary group in metal, Primal Fear has gained a large following of dedicated heavy metal fans over the years, many of whom will claim that they are one of the most consistently kick-ass bands in the biz. Listening to Unbreakable is proof that these German metalheads are one of the most impressive bands keeping the torch of traditional heavy metal alive, and while they mainly look to the past for their sound, the amount of ass-kicking you'll hear on this album is enough to justify a purchase from any melodic heavy metal fan. The number of anthem-like choruses, killer guitar solos, and soaring vocal melodies on Unbreakable is almost unheard of - from beginning to end, this is some of the most instantly memorable heavy metal out there. What Primal Fear may lack in terms of innovation is made up by their expertly crafted compositions, and although they may not appeal to the more forward-thinking metal crowd, this is some of the best melodic heavy metal out there. If you, like me, enjoy some ass-kicking throwback heavy metal from time to time, it doesn't get much better than Unbreakable!

Like all Primal Fear albums, the killer vocals from Ralf Scheepers are at the forefront of these melodic and heavy compositions. His soaring vocal melodies are complimented by mean riffs and a rock-solid rhythm section, as well as plenty of breathtaking guitar solos from Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt. This is a group of top-notch musicians, and there's not a moment on Unbreakable when I doubt their abilities as players and composers. Though most of the songs are relatively fast-paced, there is enough variation throughout Unbreakable (like the surprisingly awesome ballad "Born Again") to keep things from ever sounding dull. Every song is well-written and memorable, although the lyrics occasionally sound a bit cliched - songs like "Metal Nation" sport lyrics that almost sound like a parody, but for those who are able to look past occasionally silly lyrics, there's plenty of top-notch melodic heavy metal here.

Although the style of melodic heavy metal that Primal Fear offers has been done to death over the years, few bands pull it off with as much success as these German veterans. Unbreakable is filled to the brim with unforgettable songwriting and stunning musicianship, and I'd say it's a perfect way to start 2012 for any melodic heavy metal fan. I do crave a bit more ambition and creativity from Primal Fear's core sound, but doing so may very well jeopardize what makes this band so great - they simply deliver excellent heavy metal as it was originally intended, and it is worth checking out for anyone who thinks that sounds appealing. All in all, Unbreakable is a really great album from Primal Fear that I intend to enjoy through 2012 and beyond. 4 stars are well-deserved.

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