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OZZY OSBOURNE - Scream cover
3.47 | 21 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 2010

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Let It Die (6:06)
2. Let Me Hear You Scream (3:25)
3. Soul Sucker (4:34)
4. Life Won't Wait (5:06)
5. Diggin' Me Down (6:03)
6. Crucify (3:29)
7. Fearless (3:41)
8. Time (5:31)
9. I Want It More (5:36)
10. Latimer's Mercy (4:27)
11. I Love You All (1:02)

Total Time 49:00


- Ozzy Osbourne / vocals
- Gus G. / guitars
- Rob Nicholson / bass
- Adam Wakeman / keyboards
- Tommy Clufetos / drums

About this release

Release date: June 11, 2010
Label: Epic Records

Japanese Edition has the following bonus track:

12. Jump The Moon (2:54)

iTunes Edition has the following bonus track:

One More Time (3:07)

Tour Edition has a bonus disc with the following tracklist:

1. Hand Of The Enemy (3:41)
2. One More Time (3:07)
3. Jump The Moon (2:54)
4. Bark At The Moon (live) (4:29)
5. Let Me Hear You Scream (live) (3:25)
6. No More Tears (live) (7:18)
7. Fairies Wear Boots (live) (6:35)

Total Time 31:29

Thanks to progshine for the addition and Lynx33, diamondblack, Unitron for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
By the time the second decade of the millennium hit, OZZY OSBOURNE had more or less settled into a career of constant touring as well as America’s favorite deviant dad on the reality TV show The Osbournes. Despite it all, he still found time to head into his own home studio to record one more album, his tenth overall. Originally intended to be titled “Soul Sucka,” it was changed to SCREAM and was released in the summer of 2010 and to date remains his last solo album as he would hook up with his old buddies Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi to reform Black Sabbath (without Bill Ward). Jumping on board is newbie guitarist Gus G who replaced OZZY’s longest lasting guitarist Zakk Wylde who would focus on his Black Label Society. Also departing was Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin who would be replaced by Kevin Churko who also served as producer, engineer and mixer as he did on the previous release “Black Rain.” As Wylde also played keyboards on previous albums, Adam Wakeman, son of Yes’ own Rick Wakeman joined the crew to take over that part.

Despite OSBOURNE’s metal creds diminishing over the decades as more extreme forms of metal had long taken root and grown into veritable monsters, OSBOURNE still remains quite popular and his album hit #4 on the Billboard album charts. Part of OSBOURNE’s continued endurance is not only due to his reputation as the godfather of metal but a brilliant marketing strategy with SCREAM being promoted by downloadable content for the Rock Band video game series as well as public stunts at sports events. While not biting off heads of bats any longer, OSBOURNE proved he still had a knack for getting the word out. OZZY learned a while back that outside forces in the songwriting department were the breath of fresh air that he needed to spruce up his musical charm and therefore all eleven tracks were written by OSBOURNE and producer Kevin Churko with four of them finding extra help from Wakeman.

Stylistically SCREAM pretty much continues what OZZY began in the 90s with “Ozzmosis,” namely a blend of his 80s classic metal that utilizes heavy metal guitar riffing, bass and drums with a more down-tuned sort of 90s alternative metal approach finished off with OSBOURNE’s signature poetic vocal style. One thing about SCREAM that differs from previous albums is a more distinct use of industrial electronic effects especially on tracks like “Let It Die” and “Let Me Hear You Scream.” Gus G proves to be a more than suitable replacement but isn’t allowed to really shine in his own way as OZZY’s musical cast is more of a brand name at this point and the individuality isn’t allowed to let loose however he does shine a bit with a classical guitar intro on “Diggin’ Me Down.” Generally speaking, the emphasis of guitar solos that were prevalent in OZZY’s earlier years has been replaced by heavy thrashy riffing with the Zakk Wylde squeals still in play. In fact, i’d never know that this was a different guitarist if not for the credits.

Whether you can appreciate SCREAM depends on how well any of the albums after “No More Tears” worked for you. There is nothing substantially different and SCREAM is very much an OZZY-by-the-numbers affair with a few electronica additions that stand out. The tracks consist of the usual catchy melodic guitar hooks rooted in 80s classic metal and the production is bass laden with a continued alternative metal feel. Guitar solos do occur but are rather brief and there are more bridges and slower paced segments which add some needed contrast. Once again OZZY delivers a fairly decent album but certainly will never go down as his crowning achievements either. It does seem at this point OZZY was growing rather stale and despite mustering up an album’s worth of material, it was becoming apparent that it was time to move on to something new so when the Black Sabbath reunion took place, it was the perfect time to do so.
The tenth Ozzy release introduced the Zakk Wylde's replacement, Gus G, a Greek guitarist who has played with Arch Enemy and Dream Evil. If you're already familiar with "Black Rain", then I don't see nothing much of a change in "Scream". Many modernized riffage, some are groovy, some are slower, giving a doomy feel to the songs, and some are predictable ballads. If you prefer the olden days, then this could be a disappointing release, but if you can accept his new style in the last couple releases, then you might be agree with me that this album is ain't bad at all.

Some great songs here are obviously the first two tracks. "Let It Die" is a slowtempo with drowny vocal before it mutated into an uptempo track with Gus G's lethal solo. The single, "Let Me Hear You Scream" has a big punchy chorus and a great gig opener. "Soul Sucker" showed Ozzy's experimentation with dynamic tempo. Started slow, this song exploded into a huge hurricane on the later part before slowing down again. Pretty good one and a nice effort I must say. My other fave tracks are the acoustical-driven power ballad of "Life Won't Wait" with reverbed vocal; the other ballad, "Time"; and the groovy "Fearless" with another killer solos performed by Gus G. The rest are quite decent and perhaps only "I Love You All" is the album's let-down track.

"Scream" is totally an okay release, nothing's outstanding, but it's not a bad one, probably a bit underrated. I guess the glorious days of Ozzy had long gone and he's only hanging on to his big name now. If this trend continues, I don't see a reason to go after his next release, because I will assume it'll sound exactly the same.

Members reviews

What a masterful return from the one and only OZZY OSBOURNE..a true defender of metal,with this surprisingly inspired SCREAM album!To be honest...I was afraid that the new and so awaited OZZY material will be a weak and boring album!NOT AT ALL!What is the most impressive thing about this album is that IT'S VERY FRESH and OZZY sings with so much passion and belief,really breathtaking!The album is diverse and modern without being in any trend of nu metal or other direction..the guitars are impressive...the druming is intense...everything is PURE HEAVY METAL!IT'S 100 % OZZY and that's good!With a totally new line up,the fresh blood in the band is remarkable and we feel that Ozzy still have many bullets to be shot in his gun and it's back with a vengeance!Modern metal with a crunchy sound,magnificent production and very dynamic album,diverse and catchy from the first to the last song!When I say modern metal it's about the fact that the new tracks are a combination between old British metal style and modern ways of expression for metal!OZZY's voice is still so good and clean...I am so curious if on stage the guy will be able to perform at the same level than on the disc?!?!Hard to say...This man is a phenomenon and I have all the respect in the world for this "miracle man".OZZY is like wine...the older he gets the better he is becoming!RESPECT for one of the truest metal icons and keep the madness alive OZZY ,because we love you,man!4.5 STARS for an album made with so much belief and faith in metal!

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