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Album · 2005


1. The City in the Sea (0:32)
2. Dead Serious & Highly Professional (01:27)
3. Austerity (09:40)
4. Killing the Flies (07:13)
5. Une Saison En Enfer (04:57)
6. (02:13)
7. One With the Ocean (02:34)
8. Swoon (05:00)
9. Queen of the Food-Chain (07:09)
10. Inertia (07:41)

Total Time 55:32

Enhanced CD version:

11. Queen Of The Food Chain (video) (07:45)

Total Time 63:17

2LP version:

D1. Queen Of The Food Chain (HdK Long Version 2002)
D2. Intertia (HdK Version 2002)


- Torge Liessmann / drums
- Gerd Kornmann / percussion
- Robin Staps / guitar, percussion
- Jonathan Heine / bass
- Ercüment Kasalar / vocals
- Karsten Albrecht / vocals
- Meta / vocals
- Nate Newton / vocals
- Sean Ingram / vocals
- Tomas Hallbom / vocals

About this release

CD released 28th November 2005 on Metal Blade Records (3984-14557-2).

Also available on Enhanced CD with bonus video.

2x 12" black, white or gold vinyl LP released 20th December 2014 on Pelagic Records (PEL 042) with two bonus tracks from the 2002 demo.

Mastered by Pelle Henricsson on October 27th at Tonteknik Studios in Umea, Sweden.

Comes in a slipcase with gold foil print and a 16-page booklet printed on different types of paper.

Artwork by Martin Kvamme.

Thanks to UMUR, adg211288, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Aeolian" is the 2nd full-length studio album by German sludge/post metal/hardcore act The Ocean (sometimes referred to as The Ocean Collective). The album was released through Metal Blade Records in November 2005. "Aeolian" is the second part of a two album project that started with "Fluxion (2004)". As far as I understand the tracks for the two albums were written and recorded during the same sessions, but the band (or the label?) decided to release the most atmospheric and orchestral material on "Fluxion" and the more aggressive and direct material on "Aeolian".´s definitely an interesting approach and to my ears "Fluxion" started the project pretty successfully. "Aeolian" is definitely the harder edged ugly monster sibling. The level of aggression and the amount of chugging riffs are much higher on "Aeolian" than the case was on "Fluxion", and "Aeolian" is not at all as atmospheric or as sophisticated as "Fluxion" either (although not completely devoid of atmospheric moments). We´re still dealing with fairly technical playing and complex compositions, but the emphasis is on aggression and heavy riffing. The vocals are predominantly raw and shouting type sludge/hardcore vocals. There are as many as 6 different vocalists who contribute to the album, so the vocal style also changes from deep semi-growling, to harsh hardcore screaming, to aggressive barking.

While all material on the 10 track, 55:32 minutes long album is well written and performed, there is a slight identity crisis heard throughout the album, and it´s like The Ocean can´t decide if they want to play metal or hardcore (there are several predominantly hardcore oriented tracks on the album). There´s even a wiff of metalcore/melodic death metal featured at one point, so it´s not a stylistically consistent release. Wether that´s a weakness or a strength is up for discussion, but personally I found the band´s adventurous approach to musical styles relatively intriguing, albeit not always equally successful. Highlights include "The City in the Sea" and "Inertia", which are the two tracks that bookends the album. Especially the latter is a great track, but all material on the album is of a good quality.

"Aeolian" features a well sounding and powerful production, which suits the material well and the musicianship is on a high level on all posts. So upon conclusion "Aeolian" is through and through a high quality release. Compared to it´s sister release "Fluxion", "Aeolian" is slightly less interesting though, but a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is still deserved.

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