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Album · 2012


1. We All Rage In Gold (06:36)
2. At The Well (10:21)
3. My Heart for Deliverance (11:40)
4. Bleeding The Pigs (07:20)
5. Casting Of The Ages (10:03)
6. All Is Found... In Time (08:50)
7. Raise The Dawn (05:57)

Total Time 60:47


- Scott Kelly / vocals, guitars
- Steve Von Till / vocals, guitars
- Dave Edwardson / bass guitar
- Noah Landis / synthesizer, organ, piano, samples
- Jason Roeder / drums
- Josh Graham / Visual Artist

About this release

CD released 30th October 2012 on Neurot Records (NR085).

2LP released 5th February 2013 on Relapse Records (RR 7163), limited to 4100 copies:
- 2000 copies on black vinyl
- 1000 copies on grey smoke vinyl
- 500 copies on translucent yellow vinyl
- 500 copies on translucent orange vinyl
- 100 copies on clear vinyl

Recorded by Steve Albini.
Mastered by John Golden.

Thanks to Stooge for the addition and Lynx33, UMUR, Doomster, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

We follow the Earth, the Earth follows the Stars...

Despite having released ten records of which at least three have become timeless classics of post/sludge metal, the Oaklanders don't rest on their laurels. Honor Found in Decay is yet another step forward in their sustained evolution and I'm telling you, it's good. It's not, mind you, a matter of stylistic progress anymore, at least not in the sense we've got used to. These men don't intend to break the ground anymore, nor are they willing to exhibit the fiery aggression known from their early albums. Still, in my book Honor Found in Decay stands out as the most inspirational Neurosis record since Times of Grace.

Noah Landis. This man is a boiling pot of inspiration and originality, never failing to add a unique layer to a theme or, when needed, take the lead. His synths and samples have always been the gray eminence of Neurosis, the defining element of every album since Through Silver in Blood. Don't get me wrong, though, the band is like a clockwork: take one cog out and it doesn't work. They've been together for almost 20 years and it shows; the incredible bond between them is not just noticeable in Honor Found in Decay, it animates the entire thing. Neurosis is one of those very few bands that can turn a bucket of raw sludge into a blissful, poetic, almost cleansing experience. And they really nailed it this time round. Honor Found in Decay is a heavy, lyrical, Kyuss-tinged sludge metal album, abounding with both tonal and atonal themes that work wonderfully together. When it comes to harmony and disharmony, it is one of their most bipolar records, but the reason it works so well is that there's a consistent artistic vision that keeps the whole thing focused throughout. It certainly is the first Neurosis release to have the old elements and the new ones (mostly the singer-songwriter solo output by von Till and Kelly) work so well together.

Honor Found in Decay is like a night ride through a southern desert, like a poem whispered by flickering shadows dancing around a bonfire. It's unrelenting yet calming; crushingly heavy yet soul-stirring; brooding and soulful but not devoid of hope. While it is not by any means as bold as The Eye of Every Storm was, it sounds much fresher than Given to the Rising ever has. I can safely say that Honor Found in Decay is the most mature and genuine effort by Neurosis in a long, long time. A contemplative, spiritual, understated, poetic, hypnotizing album. And yes, definitely recommended.

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"Honor Found in Decay" is the 11th full-length studio album by US sludge/post metal act Neurosis. The album was released though Neurot Records in October 2012. Since the release of "Given to the Rising (2009)", the band members have taken part in various other projects. Especially frontman Scott Kelly has been busy working on both the "Shrinebuilder (2009)" album and his 3rd full-length solo album "The Forgiven Ghost In Me (2012)".

The music on "Honor Found in Decay" is slow paced, heavy/doomy and atmospheric metal. Call it sludge, post-metal or doom, the fact of the matter is that it´s dark and brick heavy. The heavy riffs are often layered with atmospheric effects, samples and keyboards. The drums often have a tribal feel to them, which provides them with an adventurous sound. To top it off you got the raw yet not completely non-melodic vocals by Scott Kelly. He is the kind of vocalist that bleeds harsh life experiences and authenticity and his distinct sounding vocals and convincing delivery bring a lot to the music.

The 7 track, 60:47 minutes long album is a dark journey and a leasson in how to create heavy and atmospheric music, that while it is at times hypnotically repetitive (check out the closing minutes of "My Heart for Deliverance"), it´s still entertaining, and most of the time the repetition serves a justified atmospheric purpose. The only track on the album I feel is slightly sub par to the rest is "Casting of the Ages". That track just hasn´t won me over yet. Fortunately the rest of the tracks are brilliant and as with most of Neurosis output, they grow on you with repeated listens. A track like the above mentioned "My Heart for Deliverance" is simply brilliant, but also "At the Well" and the more experimental "Bleeding the Pigs" score high in my book.

While "Honor Found in Decay" is probably not an album that´ll surprise fans of the band, it´s still obvious that Neurosis are as creative and determined as ever. They not only write intriguingly structured and damn heavy and atmospheric music, they also deliver that music with a burning passion that´s admirable. Releasing consistently great and interesting albums for so many years is not an easy task. So upon conclusion "Honor Found in Decay" is another great album in a long line of great albums, featuring strong songwriting, great musicianship and in this case an organic sound production that suits the music well. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
For their latest sludge metal/post-metal offering, Neurosis offer up more of the same, and if that's all you expect or want from them I guess that's enough. However, those who prize Neurosis because of the adventurous experimentalism on display in Souls at Zero or Through Silver In Blood will struggle to warm to this release. With predictable, by-the-numbers tracks, the band seem to be going through the motions; the doomy riffs are like any other doomy riff produced by any other sludgey doomy band, the vocals feel anonymous and lifeless, and overall the band just seem unutterably tired. It'll tickle the fancy of their more uncritical fans, but I can't help but wonder whether they even want to be Neurosis any more.

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