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EP · 2014


1. Ravnens banner (4:08)
2. Frosne vind (1:50)
3. Må du brænde i helvede (4:04)
4. Latvian fegurð (4:19)
5. Dybt i skoven (3:03)
6. Nattens barn (5:56)
7. Ulvesangen (0:46)

Total time 24:06


- Myrkur / Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Additional musicians:
- Thorleif Störölf / Bass
- Rex Myrnur / Drum programming

About this release

Relapse Records, September 16th, 2014.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Sometimes, music is more of an experience or a journey than anything else. There's nothing quite like entering the mosh pit for an Anthrax or Exodus classic, or gaping in awe of a neo-classical shredder on stage. There's also an introspective and contemplative side, which can transport the listener to a whole different world and setting. Myrkur, a Danish one-woman black metal band, rests on this side.

Myrkur takes the listener to dark hollow Gothic chambers and secluded forests, with no sign of other life. It's a spine-chilling trip among harsh black metal dirges and mystical Scandinavian folk tunes, which is one of the best and most fitting combinations I've heard. Myrkur's vocals have the perfect contrast, switching between caustic black metal shrieks and soulful choir vocalizations, both sending chills down the spine. As opposed to some black metal that is just constant chug and fast same-y guitar riffing, Myrkur creates both beautiful and stark moods with each riff, with some particularly crushing yet atmospheric hooks. The bridge and end of "Latvian Fegurd" in particular blends the heaviness of a doom metal riff, with ominous aura. "Nattens Barn" has a guitar hook that's close to thrash, which surprisingly fits on an album like this, maybe because of the layering of atmosphere.

The production suits the EP perfectly, having a crackling rawness yet, just enough cleanness to be completely audible unlike many black metal albums. The black metal tracks utilize this perfectly, while the short folk pieces speak with much clarity despite the raw edge.

If you're looking for some beautiful yet heavy black metal, Myrkur is a must listen. Take a break from the daily grind, and visit some Gothic chambers and dark forests in the comfort of your home, car, library, or wherever you enjoy listening to music. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!
Myrkur (2014) is the debut EP release by Danish one woman black metal act Myrkur, which is both the name of the artist and the pseudonym used by its sole musician. There's been a bit of mystery surrounding the identity of Myrkur but most sources seemed to believe that it was the work of Amalie Bruun, a singer/songwriter and a member of the pop act Ex Cops (as well as a model), which seems to have now been confirmed. Her story is not your typical when discovering a new black metal act on the scene and fortunately the music on the debut EP of Myrkur tells a similar story.

The most notably thing about the music on Myrkur is that vocals do not play that much of a major role in the sound. Musically Myrkur treats her listeners to some well crafted atmospheric black metal that is actually pretty relaxing stuff to immerse yourself in, especially when you consider that what vocals are here are actually sung cleanly in a choral fashion rather than delivered in a black metal rasp. Not that those are entirely absent from the EP but Myrkur is definitely a case where the music is undeniably black metal but clean vocals outweigh the growls. Her vocals also feel like a part of the overall atmosphere of the music rather than the element that leads the songs. Like an extra instrument if you prefer.

I've heard music that had strong black metal roots but used clean vocals before but Myrkur is the first time I've found something that near enough fully embraces that mix, especially from the musical point of view. Not that Myrkur spends all of her time accompanied by raw riffs and blast beats, far from it, Frosne Vind for example isn't even a metal track, but a short folksy piece. The mix of ideas proves effective, making Myrkur an impressive first release from Myrkur. I think I'd like to hear her incorporate more of a traditional black metal vocal approach in addition to her singing in the future, but I'm eager to hear where she takes her music on a full-length basis, which is already being worked on. This is a nice little EP though as is so a 4 star rating seems fair.

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