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EP · 1990

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1. Intro (Fuck in the Ass)
2. Bowel Rot
3. Pecker Pus
4. Crankster
5. Infected Jism
6. Stillborn
7. Lick a Toad
8. Stretch Marks
9. Remains
10. Inverted Penis
11. Bon Jovi Hair-Do
12. Shorten Downey Jr.
13. Tip of the Iceberg
14. Prostate Bloodbath
15. Gouged Groin
16. Decayed Face
17. Gag on My Semen
18. Massive Coronary
19. Flugged Toilets
20. Soiled Condom
21. Charles Manson Wannabe
22. Laugh and Leave
23. Pass the Rush
24. Ball Boxing
25. Anal Phlegm
26. D.T.C.
27. Take It Up the Ass
28. Ripped to Shreds
29. Blow Shits
30. Mangled
31. Live to Fuck
32. Vital Fluid
33. Devoured
34. Halidol Mindfuck
35. Undigested Red Meat
36. Haunted by a Bitch
37. Food Poisoning
38. Kill Slash
39. Smell of Pussy
40. Eyesocket Intercourse
41. Bone Orchards
42. Toxic Shock Syndrome
43. Ghetto-Slime
44. Cock Bubble
45. Steve O'Bannon's Head
46. Cop Magnet
47. Dildo Death
48. Pubic Floss
49. Anal Enjoyment
50. Carbonized Corpse
51. Keystone Shits
52. Toe-Jam Breath
53. Compost
54. Titty Hard-on
55. Ex-Lax Pudding
56. Smell of Death
57. Bubbeling Pus
58. Skid Row Nausea
59. Ascending Colon
60. Fucking Blind
61. Meat Orgy
62. Butt-Barium Blues
63. Anthrax Apathy
64. Sexless Idiot
65. Blistered Cunt
66. Intoxicated
67. Bloated Testicles
68. Ecstasy Is for Me
69. The Ultimate Position
70. Camel Toe Cunt
71. Demented Lust
72. Chainsaw Mutilation
73. Muff Slave
74. Constipated Bowel Movement
75. Mötley Crüe Must Fucking Die
76. Lick the Peanuts Out of My Shit
77. Party with the Meat Shits
78. Megadeth Sucks (But Every One's Buying)
79. When Tom Farts (People Leave)
80. Sleazy Tramp with Jism in Her Hair
81. Orgasmic Cadaver
82. Angry Christian Dope Fiends
83. Smells Like Tuna... Tastes Like Fish
84. Revenge of the Tequilla Worm
85. Intestinal Corrosion
86. Crisis in the Gulf
87. Nuts Inside Your Stomach
88. S.D.R. (Die)
89. Crusty Cunt
90. Outro (Double Whammy)


Septic Vomit / Vocals
Fart Box / Guitars
Cunt Slime / Bass
Sphincter Boil / Drums

About this release

Wheelchair Full Of Old Men, 1990

Live at Dazzle's Underground. February 2, 1990.

7" vinyl, aqua marbled, purple marbled

Some copies were sold with an age disclaimer sticker on the cover that reads, "NOT FOR SALE TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS".

Thanks to Vim Fuego for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
Grindcore was only beginning in the mid-80s with bands like Carcass and Napalm Death mixing crust punk with thrash metal and making it even more extreme. While characterized by fast tempos and distorted chromatic riffing with incessant blast beats, the style also became known for its depraved subject matter which focused on everything from gore and forensic pathology to death and rape. While the this style was just getting started, the California based MEAT SHITS took it a completely different direction. Away from the morbidity and into the porn industry.

The band formed in 1987 and released a crap load of demos and split releases with PORNOHOLIC emerging as the first EP. With little musical talent amongst the members, MEAT SHITS had a different strategy. Simply shock the fucking shit outa everyone by being as offensive, politically incorrect and obscene as possible. With themes that ranged from violence against women and gays to sex with children and the dead, it’s no wonder that this band made a lot of people’s SHIT list.

MEAT SHITS pretty much follows a simple formula. Take samples of porn movies and mix in heavy violent grindcore riffing with unintelligible grunts. The songs are rather short and to the point but since there is no point they whizz by like swarm of abrasive locusts. While only 12 minutes in length, the EP has 90 tracks. To be honest i’m not really sure where they begin and end because it doesn’t sound like 90 tracks unless the video is incomplete.

This was pretty much the beginning of the pornogrind subgenre of grindcore. MEAT SHITS would continue to crank out a slew of offensive EPs and albums with their full-length “Fuck Frenzy” emerging in 1992. This is fun to listen to once but it’s really bad music with really bad porn samples. I personally don’t find any appeal in this but for all you sickies out there who can’t get enough porn in your music, then this one’s for you.

Oh yeah!

Septic Vomit on vocals

Fart Box on guitars

Cunt Slime on bass

Sphincter Boil on drums

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