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Album · 2009

Filed under Sludge Metal


1. Scapegoat (03:25)
2. Insomnia for Months (02:04)
3. Said and Done (04:09)
4. Unknown Awareness (04:22)
5. Running Red (05:46)
6. Nature's Predators (04:10)
7. Almost Lost (03:03)
8. Only One (05:20)
9. Perception (03:43)
10. To Walk Alone (04:22)

Total Time 40:24


- Laura Pleasants / guitars, vocals
- Phillip Cope / guitars, vocals
- Carl McGinley / drums
- Eric Hernandez / drums

Guest musician:
- Javier Villegas / bass

About this release

CD released 17th March 2009 on Prosthetic Records (6561910071-2). Reissued 2011.

12" vinyl LP released 17th March 2009 on 20 Buck Spin (SPIN029). Reissued March 2011 in sea foam green vinyl.

CD released 2009 on Soyuz Music (6561910071-2).

12" vinyl LP released April 2009 on La Familia (member 40+4).

Recorded at The Jam Room (Columbia, SC), July-August-October 2008.
Mastered at Studio B Mastering.
All music by Cope, Pleasants, McGinley, except track 2 by Hernandez.
All lyrics by Cope, Pleasants.

Thanks to UMUR, adg211288, Bosh66 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Phonebook Eater

"Static Tensions" is one of the most enjoyable Stoner Metal releases of the last few years.

Kylesa are an American Sludge/Stoner Metal band; 'Static Tensions' is their fourth album, the LP that finally brought them up to popularity among the stoner metal community, after a few, more average and disappointing albums.

The first thing you notice in 'Static Tensions' is how different it sounds compared to previous Kylesa material: it is clear the band have found their own, original take on this kind of music. They have massive Sludge Metal/Hardcore Punk influences in most of the vocals , as well as in the heavy, crunchy, and extremely loud guitars; but the original aspect of the music is probably the rhythm section, which often incorporates more exotic percussive patterns that replace simple drum fills. However, the drummer in this band does not hesitate in blasting bursts of velocity, making Kylesa basically sound like the more drugged out, intense and in- your-face cousin of Mastodon. The great thing about this new style is that slower, clean moments are not rare, and still hint at that Psychedelic feel that is just as powerful as in the more intense moments, especially thanks to the clever addition of female vocals and the hazy production chops.

'Static Tensions', in it's most intense passages, reminds not only of the Hardcore flashes but also of clever, well structured Sludge Metal. Despite this raw blend, Kylesa manage to be extremely accessible in every single song, proving amazing songwriting skills. It is pretty rare to find a band that can successfully write catchy melodies, be adventurous, and surround you with total, blissful distortion, all at the same time.

With only forty minutes 'Static Tensions' is by far the most solid Kylesa album. Although each song maintains a similar style (the clean moments though are all different from one another), they never bore all together, and together shine as one. Of course, there are specific highlights, like the amazingly face-bashing first track 'Scapegoat', the more dualistic (soft and aggressive) nature of 'Running Red', the hypnotic atmosphere of 'To Walk Alone', or the straight-forward catchiness of 'Almost Lost'. Each and every one of these songs has a different character, many of them present a different structural form, and all together they form a quite functional family of tough boys.

'Static Tensions' is an extremely enjoyable, fun, catchy, and aggressive listen, despite not being the most cheerful camper out there. Yet, the solemnity of this band's music could add some new canons to future traditional Sludge Metal.
Static Tensions is the 4th full-length studio album by American sludge metal act Kylesa. The album was released in March 2009 by Prosthetic Records.

The music on the album is powerful and at times adventurous sludge metal. Filthy and raw vocals, occasional tribal drumming and some heavy and raw sounding guitars are some of the ingredients on the album. The opening track Scapegoat even features some punk/ rock´n´roll elements. The quality of the tracks is high, the musicianship great and the production powerful. Static Tensions is simply put a quality product. When that is said I´d like to hear more memorable moments as some of the songs don´t stand out enough. When the band are most adventurous or rock out they really shine though. A 3 - 3.5 star rating is well deserved.

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