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Album · 2015


1. Fast Worms (06:58)
2. Digital Gerrymandering (08:08)
3. The Pleasant Surprise (04:02)
4. The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing (08:08)
5. Sul Ponticello (07:34)
6. The Direction of Last Things (05:18)
7. City Hymnal (05:55)

Total Time 46:03


- Sacha Dunable / guitar, vocals
- Joe Lester / bass
- Dave Timnick / guitar, vocals, percussion
- Danny Walker / drums

About this release

CD released 13th November 2015 on Century Media ‎– CMR92902 / 9985908).

12" three-sided 2LP released 13th November 2015 on Century Media (CMR92901).

LP released in black, green mint with black splatter or red with marble / red with black marble coloured vinyl.

Thanks to siLLy puPPy for the addition and adg211288, Bosh66 for the updates


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The Direction Of Last ThingsThe Direction Of Last Things
Century Media 2015
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"The Direction Of Last Things" is the 5th full-length studio album by US progressive metal act Intronaut. The album was released through Century Media Records in November 2015. It´s the successor to "Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)" from 2013.

Stylistically Intronaut have taken a slight step back to their heavier past and reintroduce harsh shouting hardcore vocals. A feature which was almost completely missing from their sound on the predecessor. Most vocals on the album are still mellow ethereal clean singing though (I´m often reminded of Paul Masvidal from Cynic). The instrumental part of the band´s music is still rooted in an adventurous playing rhythm section. Both drummer Danny Walker and bassist Joe Lester are very busy and quite inventive. The same can be said about the two guitarists/vocalists. The technical level of playing on this album is simply through the roof. There are strong jazz/fusion leanings in the music, but also sludge, post rock, mathcore, and progressive metal elements. The many styles combined it´s pretty hard to make a valid description of the band´s music, but atmospheric and technically well played progressive metal isn´t an all wrong label.

The material on the 7 track, 46:03 minutes long album is well written, intriguing, and consistent in both style and quality. The combination of heavier hard edged parts and atmospheric mellow sections works well for the band. Even at their most aggressive and busy Intronaut have a sophisticated calm to their delivery, which means the music on "The Direction Of Last Things" is sometimes closer to rock than it is to metal. Artists like A Perfect Circle, Tool, and late era-Cynic are valid references.

"The Direction Of Last Things" is a very well produced album, featuring a clear, organic, and powerful sounding production, which fits well with the atmospheric music. So that combined with the brilliant musicianship and the adventurous songwriting, make for an intriguing listen and a high quality release. That´s of course no surprise if you´re familiar with Intronaut´s preceeding releases, but it´s still worthy of praise that they can continue to keep the quality level of their output as high as they do here. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.
siLLy puPPy
Since their debut on the progressive metal scene in 2006 with “Void,” INTRONAUT have only upped their game incrementally ever since pumping out one amazing album after another pleasing us progressive rock fiends who haven’t outgrown the extreme metal that sustains us. To the chagrin of some of us when an extreme metal band gets too soft, which was the case on “Habitial Levitations” where vocalist Sacha Dunable eschewed the growly extreme madness that makes extreme metal, well… extreme, is usually a sign that a band is on its way on the downside. Just something about shouted, growly and guttural vocals on top of highly distorted and anarchic sounding instrumentation just gives it that extra oomph.

Fears were being raised of going “Opeth” on that album that perhaps the band was toning things down a bit. Perhaps members were having babies, perhaps knitting sweaters for their wives, taking up home brewing or simply joining local cricket clubs. Well any such fears have been erased on their 2015 release THE DIRECTION OF LAST THINGS. Right from the very first glance of blackened birds swirling into the void reminds us of past glories that bring their magnum opus “Prehistoricisms” immediately to mind. The band was back to prove that they have indeed carved out their own brand of progressive atmospheric sludge metal and with this latest release they certainly have done so.

On THE DIRECTION OF LAST THINGS the band really takes all the best aspects of the past and borrows liberally from some of their influences and inserting them into their heavy distorted progressive madness that manages to combine totally new sonicscapes to escape within. Between the odd time signatures of the guitars of Dave Timnick and Sacha Dunable as well as the jazz-infused drumming talents of Danny Walker interacting on seemingly different worlds but threading it all together and the fretless bass maestrohood of Joe Lester, INTRONAUT simply has hit upon a sound and style all their own and with this latest release they only cement that sentiment into an already earned status placing them in the leagues of the influences heard on this album including the likes of Messhugah, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Oceansize, Tool, Between The Buried And Me and beyond. However this band is certainly more than the sum of their influences thrown into a blender and randomly spewed out.

The beauty of INTRONAUT is how well they can cut and past and perfectly blend a furious storm of dissonance with various forms of abstract melodic development. They really know how to take the model of the structure of verse / chorus / verse / bridge / chorus thing and magnify that principle and into a much more complex mathematical equation, so while they are clearly in experimental mode they pay attention to keeping some sort of mental tracking system that takes patterns and repeats ideas enough as not to lose one’s bearings, however this is indeed complex music and an acquired taste that demands multiple listens to fully comprehend.

What really strikes me more than anything about this album is how well the songs are constructed. They really take the listener on an interesting ride keeping all the past INTRONAUT styles and instrumentation in tact but utilizing an abundance of riffing, vocal styles, pulverizing drumming and atmospheres just dripping in aggression, melancholy and extra-dimensional prowess. The production is also extraordinary as every little sound is animated and allowed to fulfill its potential. It always amazes me at some of the negative reviews and ratings that go with the instant gratification process that music has in general garnered over the decades. This album is one that does not bring that happy joy joy feel upon first listen although it is not without its hooks and addictive qualities, rather it is one of those albums that ratchets up the listener’s senses upon repeated listening. I’m finding this to be so much more satisfying upon repeated bombardments of my senses! While i understand this is truly a progressive metal band in the truest sense of the meaning, i don’t find superficial exposure to be adequate in the eternal art of “getting it”. This is music that took years to put together. Music that is to be worked for is some of the most satisfying music i have found and this definitely falls into that camp for even as an INTRONAUT fan i’ve had to pay special attention to the details.

This is highly recommended for all the obvious sludge metal freaks who like Isis, Mastodon, Baroness, Neurosis and beyond but there are many progressive aspects i am hearing that bring Enslaved, Gorguts, Alice In Chains, Tool and even Meshuggah to mind. Well worth the price of admission and one that only gets better the more you listen to it, at least that has been the case for me. Perhaps not quite as perfect as “Prehistoricisms” but definitely a close second in their discography for me and one that i am convinced will only garner more attention over the time as these days we are inundated with so much music that it’s impossible to digest it all. What a wonderful problem to have!

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