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GODHUNTER - Wolves cover
3.00 | 1 rating | 1 review
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EP · 2011

Filed under Sludge Metal


1. (Stop Being) Sheep (5:49)
2. Wolves of the North (6:14)
3. Red State/Black Crusade (4:46)
4. Powerbelly (7:40)
5. (Dead Hooker By the Side of) The Road (7:44)

Total time 32:13


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Time Signature
Wolves of Tucson...

Genre: sludge metal

If you like raw and dirty sludgy rock fueled by pure anger, then chances are that you will dig Godhunter's Wolves-EP.

The five tracks on the EP are primitive and raw, building on wimple but powerful grooves and heavy beats. The opener '(Stop Being) Sheep' has a stomping pulse to it and slowly builds up through repetition that increases in intensity till the angrily yelled hardcore style vocals kick in. 'Wolves of the North' similarly builds on the power of repetition, although considerably more varied than the opener, and also features a compellingly groovy main riff . 'Red State/Black Crusade' is similarly groovy, oozing with dark southern attitude, while 'Powerbelly' starts out a doom-laden heavy affair, but takes a more aggressive turn, as the vocals kick in. '(Dead Hooker By the Side of) The Road' is, with its sludge southern grooves, the perfect soundtrack for a roadtrip-gone-bad movie. The two last tracks are, for my money, the absolute highlights of the EP.

This is not music for everyone, and the southern grooves combined with repetition, unpolished production, repetition in composition structure, and the angry hardcore vocals will probably be a turn-off to many people who are not into sludgy music. However, those who are really into heavy sludge metal will be able to appreciate exactly what this band stands for.

(review originally posted at seaoftranquility.org)

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