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Album · 2012

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Spider in My Mouth (4:47)
2. Sandpaper (3:12)
3. Blood Happens (4:07)
4. Inside My Head (4:02)
5. Sin and Bones (3:36)
6. A Passed Life (6:55)
7. She's My Addiction (3:22)
8. Shine Forever (5:45)
9. Dark Passenger (4:23)
10. Storm the Beaches (11:34)

Total time 51:43


- Frank Fontsere / Drums
- Rich Ward / Guitars, Vocals
- Chris Jericho /Vocals
- Billy Grey /Guitars
- Paul Di Leo / Bass

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

'Sin and Bones', released in 2012, was a huge breakthrough for American metal group Fozzy. While 2010's 'Chasing the Grail' came out to mostly rave reviews from critics, it flopped commercially, likely due to the fact that most people still couldn't take a band fronted by professional wrestler Chris Jericho seriously. However, relentless touring and an energetic live show helped the band endear to new fans, and so with 'Sin and Bones', an album brimming with anthems that were tailor-made for a live setting, did they really start to gain credibility as a legit band.

Either that, or they're like the annoying gnat of the rock world that just won't go away. But all that persistence was starting to pay off.

With a slick production and some of Rich Ward's most accessible guitar riffs (including one of the most killer tones in rock music today!), 'Sin and Bones' sees Fozzy ease up on the full-blown metal elements of their sound, and instead focus on the sleazy rock 'n' roll vibe. It sounds like it shouldn't work, but it totally suits them, especially when compared to the overall image and showmanship of the band.

Vocalist Chris Jericho (THE Chris Jericho... you stupid idiot!), shows that he is more than just a professional wrestler, but indeed a kickass front man! His vocals are incredible, and while he may struggle with them a bit when performing live, he more than makes up for it in energy, enthusiasm and showmanship.

'Spider in My Mouth', 'Blood Happens', 'Inside My Head', 'She's My Addiction' and the hit single 'Sandpaper' are all Fozzy classics that show a band who are constantly evolving and changing, yet never straying too far from the very essence that makes them who they are.

Indeed, Fozzy are huge rock stars!
Kev Rowland
Mention the name Fozzy to metalheads and either they will say “Who?” or break into a tirade regarding the fact that these guys can’t be taken seriously as they have a professional wrestler as a singer. Well, in fairness when the band started they didn’t expect to be taken seriously as they weren’t taking it seriously themselves. Guitarist Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo) had put together a side project just to play some more gigs, and he and Chris Jericho met up and Chris sat in for a while. But it was only when he was prevented form wrestling for four months due to an ankle injury that he rejoined the band and they got more serious, if it could be said that they were ever really seriouis. When I was sent their debut album to review back in 2000 it was accompanied with a DVD containing a film explaining that the band had been trapped in Japan for twenty years, and during that period their demoes were stolen and their greatest songs were made popular by other bands (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kiss etc) and that it was only now that they were able to return to America and attempt to become the stars they should always have been. The film is great, obviously heavily influenced by Spinal Tap and is worth seeing. But, and there is a huge “but” here, while the guys have been having a laugh they have been also producing some really good music.

The current line-up is Chris and Rich, along with and Frank Fontsere (Stuck Mojo), Billy Grey (Dangerous New Machine, Sick Speed) and Paul Di Leo (Adrenaline Mob, Nena). Together they have produced a highly polished power metal album with nods to bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Def Leppard etc. Chris hasn’t the biggest range in the world, but he easily stands up against Diamond Dave and Joe Elliott and like them is a great frontman. There are a few guests who add some additional nuances to the album, such as M. Shadows duetting with Jericho on “Sandpaper” while Motorhead’s Phil Campbell adds a solo to “She’s My Addiction”. One of my favourites is album opener “Spider In My Mouth” which starts with a wonderfully twee version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

This is one of those albums where it is important that you leave your preconceived ideas out of this and just settle down for a fun raucous ride – and isn’t having a blast what this style of music is all about?

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