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Album · 2015


1. Sol Invictus (2:36)
2. Superhero (5:15)
3. Sunny Side Up (2:58)
4. Separation Anxiety (3:44)
5. Cone Of Shame (4:39)
6. Rise Of The Fall (4:08)
7. Black Friday (3:18)
8. Motherfucker (3:30)
9. Matador (6:08)
10. From The Dead (3:06)

Total Time 39:22


- Mike Patton / vocals
- Mike Bordin / drums
- Roddy Bottum / keyboards, vocals
- Billy Gould / bass guitar
- Jon Hudson / guitar

About this release

18 May 2015
Reclamation Recordings

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"Sol Invictus" is the 7th full-length studio album by US alternative metal act Faith No More. The album was released through Reclamation Recordings in May 2015. Faith No More was formed back in 1982, and had their heyday in the late 80s/early- to mid-90s. After riding a wave of success they disbanded in April 1998, but reunited to play select shows in February 2009. Rumours of a new album have been stirring since, and now it´s here. "Sol Invictus" features the same lineup who recorded their last album "Album Of The Year (1997)". Mike Patton (vocals), Mike Bordin (drums), Roddy Bottum (keyboards, vocals), Billy Gould (bass), Jon Hudson (guitar).

Faith No More was always an unpredictable size, and none of their previous six albums sound alike (although they all sound unmistakably like Faith No More), so guessing what "Sol Invictus" would sound like before listening to it is almost impossible. At the end of the day the music on "Sol Invictus" is Faith No More to the bone with the well playing rhythm section, the keyboards/pianos, and Mike Patton´s Schizo vocals in front. It´s for the most part a rather mellow and more rock than metal oriented release, and I do miss a few more hard rocking moments during the album´s playing time. It sometimes becomes a bit too repetitive and some tracks feel like they aren´t going anywhere, and a few lack memorable hooks. On the other hand tracks like "Sunny Side Up" and "Motherfucker" both feature infectiously catchy choruses, and to my ears that´s when Faith No More are best. When the music just go on and on repeating the same riffs and structures over and over again while Patton rambles/talks, sings on top I´m not as entertained. In that regard they haven´t developed much since "Album Of The Year (1997)".

For the most part it does sound slightly uninspired, but the album is saved by a professional sounding production, high level musicianship, and the fact that Faith No More still sounds original. There´s just no one like them out there. While my blood doesn´t exactly boil when listening to "Sol Invictus", and I´m sometimes disappointed about the songwriting, it´s still a quality release on many parameters and it is a grower too, so I´d recommend giving it more than a few listens before passing judgement. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.
siLLy puPPy
It’s been a long 18 year gap between FAITH NO MORE’s previous album “Album Of The Year” and finally in 2015 with the same exact lineup they release SOL INVICTUS (Unconquered Sun in Latin). That means that any children conceived at the time of the last album’s release can now vote! AND could have conceived on their own allowing lover’s of the last album to be grandparents now. Really did i have to paint it in those temporal aspects? Well, time flies. First of all, the lineup for the last album is exactly the same. It is: Mike Patton (vocals), Jon Hudson (guitar), Billy Gould (bass), Roddy Bottum (keyboards), Mike Bordin (drums).

Right from the get go you can hear that this band wants to differentiate themselves from the past. “Album Of The Year” begins with most abrasive cacophonic brashness “Collision” showing no mercy for ear drums or sensibilities alike but SOL INVICTUS begins in the most opposite of spins with a piano driven ballad that comprises the title track. Not my favorite way of beginning an album but redeemed by being followed with the best song on the album “Superhero” which finds the band excelling at their take of alternative metal and rap rockin’ the freakin’ world with every aspect of what made them great in the 90s. Unfortunately this track is a one shot and although the rest of the album has some great tracks, none reach the heights of this one where metal meets alternative rock and reaches that special happy place. Other highlights are “Motherfucker” and “Separation Anxiety” for me, but there are many tracks that have appeal.

As with previous albums FAITH NO MORE exceeds at keeping a highly melodic aspect to their version of alternative metal. With Roddy Bottum’s excellent keyboard skills that seem to be the foundation of this band’s sound aligned with Mike Patton’s eccentric vocals, the rest of the band can only fall in line and provide supporting scaffolding to the whole musical process. Melodies are strong on SOL INVICTUS and the performances are just as strong. What is lacking for me here is the exciting diversity of ideas that are present on past FNM albums. It is the songwriting aspect that is slightly lower here as well as the fact that the metal aspect has been dialed down a bit. Not a bad album for all the previous qualities are present but this album fails in keeping the overall listener’s interest engaged as in the height of their career. Still though, this album has plenty of worthy tracks to keep me enthralled despite not usurping their 90s heyday. A veritable comeback by one of my favorite alternative metal rockers from the 90s. This album may not be perfect but will not disappoint hardcore fans.

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