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4.31 | 8 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1998

Filed under Funeral Doom Metal


1. Intro (3:24)
2. Tragedy Eternal (9:51)
3. Chime The Centuries End (9:45)
4. Lost Kingdom Of Darkness (11:51)
5. Ascend Into The Maelstrom (9:52)
6. To Sleep Eternally (12:48)
7. Curse The Sunrise (12:57)

Total Time: 70:31


- John Paradiso / Guitars, Vocals
- Nick Orlando / Guitars
- Steve Moran / Bass
- Vince Verkay / Drums
- Dario Derna / Keyboards
- Charles Lamb / Cello

About this release

Released by Elegy Records, re-released in 2006 by Solitude Productions.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Standing athwart the thin borderline between death-doom metal and funeral doom, what Evoken offer up on Embrace the Emptiness combines the glacial pace and sombre tone of funeral doom combined with the gutteral malevolence of death-doom. The sophistication offered by Dario Derna's keyboard work and Charles Lamb's maudlin cello sits next to and adds texture to the slow, bloody dissection Nick Orlando engages in with his guitar solos. The pace is a bit more varied than some funeral doom releases, which will help those less familiar with the genre get into it, but it's never too fast for long - like a momentary twitch of life in a dying body.
Evoken are another essential funeral doom metal band that I needed to review, but damn! I've listened to their second and third albums before my big FDM epiphany with Funeral's 'Tristesse'. I thought the first, 'Quietus', was quite fine and that the other, 'Anithesis of Light', was pretty phenomenal. After my FDM epiphany, I've given Evoken's debut, 'Embrace the Emptiness' a listen and ended up being immensely impressed.

First, there's an intro track that portrays what can be found on the rest of the album: light sounding guitar played with the regular funeral doom followed by a section of quiet, dark ambient on the second half of the intro. I'm feeling two vibes here. It sounds mournful like most traditional funeral doom, but it also sounds deep and void-like like Esoteric take on the genre. I think Evoken found the sweet spot between the two and made something great out of it.

Then, "Tragedy Eternal" kicks in. To go through all The drumming gets quite quick with the kick drums being given a good exercise, but this isn't entirely uncommon in the funeral doom genre. There are still those slow moments of plodding funeral doom.

Lead guitars exist and do break into solos at least once per song. Production wise, the guitars sound the rawest of all the instruments, but it's barely noticeable when layered with the keyboards and drums which are well produced. The clean sounding soft guitar is one of the key players here and fits in well at any part of the album, be it melancholic pieces like "Tragedy Eternal" or more menacing ones like "Chime the Centuries End", though there is much more of the latter than the former (which I consider a good thing). The keyboards also do their part to augment the atmosphere with the presentation on "Chime the Centuries End" making me feel like I'm staring downward into an abyss. It all feels so dark and empty, hence 'Embrace the Emptiness'.

I feel like Evoken issued forth the modern wave of funeral doom with the cleaner sound. Though they were a little late bringing out their debut full-length in 1998 when Skepticism and Esoteric already belted out two albums each, Evoken's 'Embrace the Emptiness' is still very inspirational. I can see a lot of their style in acts like Ataraxie, Ahab, and others.

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