The Dark Discovery

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3.40 | 17 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 1998

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. Blackened Dawn (3:52)
2. December 26th (5:05)
3. Dark Discovery (3:35)
4. As Light Is Our Darkness (2:00)
5. Beyond Salvation (4:03)
6. Closed Eyes (6:39)
7. Trust and Betrayal (4:18)
8. Shadowed (3:52)
9. When the River Calls (4:28)
10. For Every Tear That Falls (4:14)
11. To Hope Is to Fear (5:39)

Total Time: 47:50


- Tom Englund / Vocals, Guitar
- Dan Bronell / Guitar
- Daniel Nojd / Bass Guitar
- Will Chandra / Keyboards
- Patrick Carlsson / Drums

About this release

Release date: 1998
Label: Gothenburg Noiseworks

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"The Dark Discovery" is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish heavy/power metal act Evergrey and. The album was released through GNW Records in 1998. Evergrey was formed in 1995 in Gothenburg and on this album consists of Tom Englund (vocals, guitar), Dan Bronell (guitar), Daniel Nojd (bass), Will Chandra (keyboards), and Patrick Carlsson (drums). "The Dark Discovery" was recorded at Los Angered Studios, Gothenburg, which is the studio that is owned and operated by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque. The album was produced by Andy La Rocque and Evergrey.

...and let me start by saying that to my ears the sound production unfortunately is below standard. It lacks power, clarity, and a professional touch, which is a bit surprising since Andy La Rocque is involved, but it´s nevertheless the truth. Stylistically Evergrey play a melodic US power metal influenced heavy metal style, so they master both the harder edged semi-thrashy riffing and the more melodic heavy/power metal moments. Englund has a very distinct sounding hoarse voice, which always makes Evergrey´s music easy to identify. Despite the relatively hoarse quality of his voice, Englund actually isn´t a very raw sounding singer, and most vocals on the album are melodic in style.

The quality of the material is decent, but combined with the relatively weak sounding production, most tracks don´t come off sounding that great. There´s definitely potential here and the musicianship is generally on a high level too, but there´s no denying "The Dark Discovery" is a bit rough around the edges both when it comes to the songwriting and the sound production. A 2.5 - 3 star (55%) rating is warranted.
Of the literally hundreds of excellent metal bands hailing from Sweden, Evergrey is one of my favorites. The band's trademark mix of thrashy power metal, progressive metal, and gothic subtleties gives them a unique identity within the crowded prog metal genre, and the powerful and distinct vocal delivery from Tom Englund never fails to amaze me. On their 1998 debut, The Dark Discovery, the band's morose and edgy progressive power metal sound is firmly established, but it lacks the refinement that made some of their future efforts so outstanding. Evergrey's entrance into the musical world is flawed in many regards, yet the band exhibits a high level of promise that - thankfully - would be fulfilled over the course of their next few observations.

For those unacquainted with Evergrey, this Swedish act performs a style of progressive power metal with a thrashy, American-sounding edge and dark gothic atmospheres. Their sound has moved in a more commercial direction in recent years, but earlier efforts like this one have quite a few progressive overtones. The Dark Discovery is undoubtedly an original album given its time period, and the band's semi-straightforward and morose sound was a refreshing change of pace from the countless Dream Theater and Fates Warning clones that populated the prog metal scene in 1998. Most of the songs here linger in the four to five minute time frame, and these powerful and melodic mini-epics are all really well-composed and quite diverse. Some songs may take a few listens to draw any distinctions between, but a gothic power ballad in the form of "For Every Tear That Falls", for example, helps add some nice variation and memorability to this already solid album. Although the band would take their unique approach to new heights over the next few years, The Dark Discovery is a worthy listen for any fan of Evergrey.

In terms of complaints, the album's real shortcoming is in its tremendously weak production. The guitars sound muddy and unclear, the drums sound distant and blurred, and Tom Englund's otherwise spectacular vocal delivery is obscured by a poor mixing job. This is just a really amateurish sounding album in terms of production and delivery; in addition to the weak production, the band's technical skills weren't quite as sharp as they would soon become either. It's a bit of a shame, actually, because this is a very impressive album from a compositional standpoint. Still, the production does not ruin The Dark Discovery, and its assets are plentiful enough to warrant a listen from any progressive power metal aficionado. Though I'd recommend starting with a masterpiece like In Search of Truth if you're new to the band, The Dark Discovery is a recommended listen to any Evergrey veteran.
Evergrey is a dark and gloomy pwer thrash metal band from Sweden. Their ideal song format is a catchy thrash metal epic of around 5 minutes with sharp and witty riffing that is made into magic by the emotive command of their exceptional vocalist Tom Englund. That man has one remarkable voice, it’s hoarse, soulful but still very melodious and with a naturally flowing power.

There’s two ways to approach this album. The first is looking at it from 1998. Then it is a significant debut where they display all tricks and skills that define them. The other way is going backwards in time, where you will find a blandly produced album that will add nothing to what you already heard on their ensuing masterpieces.

The main problem is the electric guitars that sound as if they’re processed through a tube, lacking sharpness and precision. In other words, they're muddy and messy. Now, for a metal that's not an advantage, but the production isn’t so bad that it wrecks the enjoyment of the album. Underneath the dense sound sit 11 wonderfully crafted songs that are performed with a sincere and gripping intensity.

Evergrey offer quite a difference to how progressive metal usually sound. Dark and slightly gothic, they remind me of Iced Earth’s best moments on The Dark Saga. Evergrey had it in them to surpass that album but some sonic issues nipped that in the bud here. 3.5 stars

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