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Album · 2001


1. The Masterplan (4:46)
2. Rulers of the Mind (5:57)
3. Watching the Skies (6:16)
4. State of Paralysis (2:13)
5. The Encounter (4:38)
6. Mark of the Triangle (6:22)
7. Dark Waters (6:02)
8. Different Worlds (5:29)
9. Misled (5:59)

Total Time: 47:47


- Tom S. Englund / Vocals, Guitars
- Henrik Danhage / Guitars
- Michael Håkansson / Bass
- Sven Karlsson / Keyboards
- Patrick Carlsson / Drums

Guest Musicians

- Carina Kjellberg / Vocals
- The Mercury Choir / Choirs

About this release

Release date: September 18, 2001
Label: Hellion Records

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Everygrey’s “In Search of Truth” caught my attention after their latest release “Hymns for the Broken” started getting good reviews on ProgArchives. I decided to get their best rated album which, aside from the great ratings of “Hymns”, was this album. It is based on the book “Communion” by Whitley Strieber, recounting through lyrics and spoken sections the allegedly factual account of Strieber’s repeated abduction by aliens.

Though I’m no expert in this field of metal, I would say the album is mostly symphonic metal with possibly some power metal similarities in a few parts and the odd bit of thrash, though actually all these components may make this out to be exactly symphonic metal. Or is it prog-metal? The guitar sound is wonderfully brain-mulching and heavy but there is also a very strong and up-front piano presence and lots of synthesizer. One thing I really love about the album is how well it uses piano in tandem with the heavy metal band sound. There’s also a bit of electronic effects here and there, a choir sounding totally boss in “Dark Waters”, and a beautiful acoustic guitar / piano duo in “Different Worlds”. Of course there is your double bass drum beats in places and lots of symphonic metal guitar shredding in spots, too. I find the music very satisfying and full of enough variety in both metal and otherwise. The songs can be at times really dark and heavy and other times sad and beautiful.

Special mention must go to Tom S. Englund who does a great job of affecting emotion in his singing. He is not only singing the lyrics to this story of self-doubting and the loneliness and destitution of this incredible experience but he also speaks some parts as the story teller is recording his thoughts into a tape recorded. He starts out pretty bold but near the end, in “Different Worlds” he is whimpering like a child as he sobs, “Oh, god, it’s happening again. They’re here… Please don’t touch me. I don’t wanna be here. I wanna go home.” His vocal performance is very convincing, and the 12-year-old boy in me wonders how he could keep a straight face saying those lines. But with the beautiful minor key piano it’s easy to conjure up an image of a man scared and alone as the mysterious extraterrestrials come silently for him yet again.

Though I think this is an excellent concept album and I can really enjoy listening to it for all the riches of metal sounds and symphonic metal parts and the vocal performance as well, there is still this lingering aftertaste of the entire album being very much the same thing. There’s another piano intro. There’s another thrashy, heavy part. So I can’t smack this baby with a full five-star rating. But a very solid four stars is easily deserved.
siLLy puPPy
An interesting concept album about a man who thinks he's being kidnapped by aliens and all the misery, confusion and paranoia that go along with it. This is yet another great sounding band hailing from Sweden. This is the first album i've heard by this band and it sounds really good. Not just Dream Theater wannabes here.

They do seem like a band that is disguised as a “normal” sounding prog metal band of the DT/Symphony X sort but they have a subtle way of keeping it original and interesting with cool riffing, subdued drumming and haunting female vocals. They know how to rev it up when necessary and tame it way down for contrast.

I swear that I hear the keyboards spending a majority of their time doing variations insprired by the theme music for the 90s tv series the X-Files.

Great concept that is well done, great musical performances and although not earth-shattering originality on display here, this is definately a keeper.
Evergrey play progressive metal with the "metal" side of the equation drawing a little from power metal, which is a combination which in other hands could lend itself to cheesiness, but I was pleasantly surprised by In Search of Truth. It's a concept album that overtly presents a story about alien abduction, but focuses more on the emotional ordeal of the experience (as depicted in Whitley Strieber's Communion), and as a result has more widely applicable emotional themes than you might expect from the concept. In fact, overall Evergrey display a subtle touch, engaging less in bombast or technical flashiness than many prog and power metal competitors and concentrating instead on really solid compositions and moods.
For me this is the best EVERGREY album by far.This band is from Sweden and this particular record is a concept album about a man who thinks he is being abducted by aliens. It's a dark and emotional recording as our subject's thoughts are laid out for us to hear. Friends and family don't believe him as he tries to account for whole periods of time being lost. He's very paranoid, always looking over his shoulder and he doesn't feel safe even in his own home. At one point he's crying "Please don't touch me, i want to go home" as he repeates it over and over. He always keeps a tape recorder with him and feels like he's always being watched. As for the music it's fantastic as we get this dark and heavy sound with excellent vocals. In my opinion every Prog-Metal fan needs this in their collection.
At their best this band is pure gold. At least if you like dark gothic power metal (quite a mouthful) that is fronted with one of the most affecting singers in the field, that doesn't shy away from big epic proportions, and that features lots of virtuosic riffing, soloing and excellent songwriting.

"In Search of Truth" is by far their masterpiece for quite a few reasons. The first thing to notice is the excellent production. While the two previous releases sounded a bit too 'reverby' and muddy, this one is powerful, clean, sharp and warm. Now that wouldn't mean much without good songs and luckily this very same album has not one weaker track for its entire duration. Even at its most 'operatic' moments this album still stands as a rock. That is what songwriting skills and an exceptional singer can do for you. With "Dark Waters" and "Watching the Skies" this even features some of my favorite tracks for this type of melodious thrashy metal.

If we declare there is something like a 'darkly gothic progressive power prog opera metal' genre (I still need to come up with a more catch tag…), then this album is sure the essential album in it.

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