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3.03 | 3 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2011


1. Ylem (6:37)
2. Eventide (3:30)
3. Inception (6:05)
4. Unripe One (4:45)
5. Confinement in Black (6:08)
6. Circles (4:22)
7. My Replicator (3:18)
8. Repentance Hour (5:54)
9. Way Down Memory Lan (5:57)
10. Redemption (4:48)
11. Onset (5:09)

Total Time 56:33


- Diego Teixeira / Bass
- Rafael Dantas / Drums
- Diogo Mafra / Guitars
- Pablo Vilela / Guitars
- Caio Duarte / Vocals

About this release

Self-released, 2011

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Youniverse by Dynahead (2013-05-04)Youniverse by Dynahead (2013-05-04)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Conor Fynes
'Youniverse' - Dynahead (6/10)

Along with their fellow countrymen in MINDFLOW, DYNAHEAD give me the impression that Brazil's progressive metal scene is one marked by the eclectic approach of its bands. This is not to say that this group contrasts polka-funk-ambient with metal and traditional gamelan instrumentation, but rather that they find influence from a number of different sounds within the progressive metal genre itself. Although one might like to think of 'prog' as something inherently forward-thinking, metal is one place where the sound is really showing its age, and it's almost canon nowadays for a new band to sound either like Dream Theater, Opeth, or- to a lesser frequency- Pain of Salvation. If it's any slight innovation, DYNAHEAD incorporate all three of those bands into their blend, and while this does make for a more interesting listen than another Dream Theater clone, nothing about DYNAHEAD's second album particularly excels.

Technically proficient musicianship is virtually a pre-requisite to be labelled a 'prog metal' band at this point, and that is something that DYNAHEAD do not fail to deliver. Thankfully, their music never devolves into an indulgent exploration of scales as at least one of their influences are infamous for, but DYNAHEAD demonstrate their talent within the confines of fairly concise songwriting. Although the band touches upon virtually every popular style of progressive metal, their compositions are built around a thick rhythm guitar. Reviews I have read of 'Youniverse' describe it as a thrashy guitar sound, but it's given a fair bit more restraint than that genre-tag might imply. Keeping in line with the band's metal sub-genre surfing, Caio Duarte's vocals tread the border as well, simultaneously melodic and gruff. During the closer 'Onset'- DYNAHEAD's grab at Opethian death metal- he even growls, and it actually tends to fit the band's dark style more than his conventional heavy metal vocals do.

Although DYNAHEAD emulate the OPETH sound best of all, that approach is fairly fleeting on 'Youniverse'. Djent, or 'the MESHUGGAH sound' is also dabbled with on songs like the particularly heavy 'My Replicator', and demonstrates a real promise for DYNAHEAD. However, in constantly comparing this band to others, it may also be implied that they are lacking an identity of their own, and this is where 'Youniverse' is truly held back. Although the band is graced with a tight performance and fair production standards, it's difficult to get an impression on what this band is about, even after several listens. The ground is fertile for something cool, but unless DYNAHEAD plants something firm, their potential will remain untapped.
There's something intriguing behind this Brazilian act, some call it technical thrash, others might familiar with the term of progressive metal, but whatever it is, Dynahead's "Youniverse" created a boundless musical scope, ranging from the classic Bay Area thrash pattern, the groove of American power metal, the dynamic tempo leap of progressive metal, and the unusual jazzy beat pattern.

Complex compositions and instrument handling expertise are the selling points, if you like a thinking material, this will suits you very well, but even with those skillful demonstration, you will still need the basic aspect of good songwriting, especially on the memorable sing-along lines that will hold up for years such as "Creeping Death" of Metallica, "Peace Sells" of Megadeth, or maybe "Caught In The Web" of Dream Theater. This is what severely lacking in this album.

Outstanding tracks for me here are "Inception", the unpredictable arrangement will keep you guessing what will comes next. The classic thrash with jazzy feel and occasional death metal rhythm makes up a brilliant song; "Unripe One" focuses on its great riffs and killer solos, and you can also hear some demonic screams within; and "Way Down Memory Lane", started with a blistering rhythm, the ever-changing tempo and slaughtering solos are utterly amazing, and the interesting acoustical thang fading out to the end is a genius work. Other good tracks to watch are "YLEM", "Eventide", and "My Replicator".

The production value is excellent and the versatile singing of Caio Duarte is impressive. He can exploit the mid-register at ease like Warrel Dane and at times he can growl madly like a death metal shouter. The duet of Diogo Mafra/Pablo Vilela is also highly entertaining. I just wish they can put out a catchier and more hooks-oriented album without losing the depth of instrument handling cause I'm afraid this is merely a huge technical rampage on every sides. Good effort but I expect more in the future.

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