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DISKORD - Dystopics cover
4.50 | 1 rating | 1 review
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Album · 2012

Filed under Death Metal


1. Entropic Death (3:31)
2. Overseer (3:48)
3. Epochal (1:52)
4. Tremble (2:38)
5. Woebegoneness (4:04)
6. Ambisinistral (1:58)
7. Psychotic Process (4:49)
8. As the Circus leaves the Galaxy (2:14)
9. Rambling Words from a sore Throat (3:15)
10. Metamorphosis (2:38)
11. Godsends and Hellbents (3:48)
12. Primitive Doom (5:19)

Total Time 39:54


- Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen / Bass, vocals
- Hans Jørgen Ersvik / lead vocals, Drums
- Espen T. Hangård / Guitars, vocals, ring modulater and filter bank

About this release

No Posers Please!, April 3rd, 2012

CD and 12" vinyl format.

Thanks to umur for the addition

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Dystopics" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Norwegian technical/progressive death metal act Diskord. The album was released through the No Posers Please! label in April 2012. Diskord made quite the impression on me with their 2007 debut album "Doomscapes", which is a filthy old school death metal album with added technical playing and progressive ideas. Since then the band have toured a lot in their native Norway and also made a change on the guitarist potition as Håvard Østli has replaced Espen Tørressen Hangård (Hangård plays on "Dystopics" though), who himself had released Chris Myhre, who played on "Doomscapes". The usual suspects are Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen on bass and Hans Jørgen Ersvik on drums and lead vocals.

The music on "Dystopics" pretty much continue down the same filthy and technical old school death metal path as the music on "Doomscapes". I´m still reminded of early Darkthrone, Cadaver and Carbonized, played with the technical skill of Atheist and the dissonant weirdness of late eighties Voivod. Like the case was on the debut the technical playing is not implemented to flash virtuoso skills but a way to express chaotic darkness. The atmosphere on the album is bleak and aggression is the key word. The music is delivered with an infectious energy and great conviction. These guys mean business and it´s perhaps heard no better than in the absolutely caustic vocal delivery by Hans Jørgen Ersvik. Look no further for snarling growling vocals that seem designed to sear iron. The music features both fast blasting parts, odd technical parts and slow filthy doomy sections too. The latter type sections at times remind me of early Autopsy. Rotten to the core.

The sound production is raw and organic giving plenty of room for all instruments. I especially enjoy how audible the bass is in the soundscape. The sound is perfect for the trio format.

"Dystopics" is another very strong and distinct sounding release by Diskord. "Doomscapes" took me completely by surprise when I listened to the album the first time and ultimately I think "Dystopics" lacks that surprise element to elevate it to the same extremely high level as "Doomscapes". It comes close though and a 4 - 4.5 star (85%) is fully deserved.

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