Thru Ever-Ending Black
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Album · 2012

Filed under Hard Rock


CD 1 (Thru Ever):
1. It Gathers (6:56)
2. Look Out (5:31)
3. Time Machine (4:59)
4. Coming To Get You (5:25)
5. Memory Magnetic (6:23)
6. Feels Of Fire (7:31)
7. Frozen Ice (7:30)
8. Unbreakable (3:45)
9. Dark Of Night (5:53)
10. The Knights (6:57)
11. Too Much Little Time (6:20)
12. Who Are You (5:12)
13. Wall Of Life (7:20)

CD 2 (Ending Black):
1. Beam The Ray (5:32)
2. In Me (4:47)
3. Still Just One Moon (6:15)
4. Escapin' Back (5:28)
5. One By One (4:44)
6. Irreplaceaball (5:12)
7. Unlock It Apart (4:47)
8. So Let There Be Light (5:24)
9. The One (Where My Reflection Lies) (5:17)
10. Final Bell (4:59)
11. Has To Be (5:09)
12. Legendary (6:08)
13. I Am Your Shadow (6:05)
14. The Tree That Waits (5:57)
15. This Is Now (5:03)


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Time Signature
Comin' to get you...

Genre: melodic hard rock

18 months in the making, David J Caron's "Thru Ever-Ending Black" is a massive double-CD collection of melodic hard rock tracks. Nothing has been rushed, and it seems that Caron has paid attention to every little detail on the album.

Musically, Caron combines melodic metal with AOR-oriented music, and several tracks feature clean guitars overlaid on top of distorted ones (just check the verses in 'It Gathers'). In that sense, Caron tags on to 80s melodic hard rock and metal before it degenerated into hair metal, and then takes it in a new direction from there.

There definitely are plenty of metal and hard rock elements on the album, such as the near-progressive main riff of 'Comin' To Get You' and the chucking guitars in the verse of 'Look Out', while other tracks, like 'Feels of Fire' and And a track like 'Wo Are You' has the driving bass associated with British new wave rock (but with more refined guitar figures laid on top).

While most of the tracks on the album are rooted in melodic hard rock with metal elements, David J Caron does at times venture into pop music territory, as is the case of the track 'Time Machine', and, although I am not a big fan of pop music, I am really glad that David J Caron reminds us - in this day and age of brainless and pointless clone-pop music - that pop music can indeed be, not only guitar-driven, but also sophisticated and rich in substance. 'This Is Now' features digital effects that remind me of the electro-pop of the 1980s - you know like early Depeche Mode or the sound tracks of many martial arts and action movies from the 80s (and let it go on record that I love those sound tracks). Tracks like 'Time Machine' and 'This Is Now' remind me of the 80s when pop musicians still viewed the products they created as pieces of art. So, I think that, even though this is a metal site, David J Caron deserves a lot of praise for the manner in which he includes pop music elements into his brand of melodic hard rock.

Productionwise, the album is generally well balanced, but as a guitar fan, I do wish that the rhythm guitars would be a bit more dominant in the mix than they are. Caron's musicianship is unquestionable, and his skills as a songsmith are impeccable, and, yes, his music is melodic and poppy at times, but overall "Through Ever-Ending Black" is a well put together package of sophisticated yet catchy melodic hard rock with elements from metal, AOR and pop rock neatly balanced.

Due to its melody and inspiration from pop rock and AOR, Dave J Caron's "Thru Ever-Endling Black" may not appeal to those metalheads who only prefer butal and kvlt extreme metal, but, if you like melodic hard rock with metal elements and catchy choruses, then this album should definitely be something you'd enjoy immensely.

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