Calling the Earth to Witness
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Album · 2007

Filed under Progressive Metal


1. 2534167 (intro) (0:32)
2. All Eyes on Me (8:48)
3. Again (9:01)
4. Habit (12:46)
5. The Play - I (2:34)
6. The Play - II (8:39)
7. Shattered (9:38)
8. Tallest Tree (10:14)
9. In My Dreams (6:09)

Total Time: 68:21


- Henrik Bath / vocals, guitars
- Markus Sigfridsson / guitars
- Tobias Enbert / drums
- Magnus Holmberg / keyboards
- Karl Wassholm / bass

About this release

Release date: May 28th, 2007
Label: Ulterium Records

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Calling The Earth To Witness by DarkwaterCalling The Earth To Witness by Darkwater
Ulterium Records
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

After just listening to "Images And Words" it's hard to believe that this band(along with a thousand others) weren't influenced by that record. From the parts i'm not too fond of with the tender vocals to the sections that i love that are powerful and complex. What i also like about these Swedes is that they seem to put sections in their music that are like reference points to bands that influenced them. This really is a feel good album for me and the enjoyment factor is higher than it is for DREAM THEATER's very influencial recording. I like the variety here too from the atmosphere to the all out assaults, and the keyboards are used the way i like them as well. All in all a very solid record that is tempting me to rate it 4.5 stars but i'll stick with 4 stars for now. A must for Prog-Metal fans.
On this debut album Darkwater play a style of prog metal very much in the Dream Theater school - not so close to Dream Theater as to outright plagiarise them (though I bet if you did a blind test playing an instrumental part of this album and a randomly selected DT album to someone they'd struggle to guess which was DT and which was Darkwater), but they are close enough to Dream Theater that they're not going to win over many listeners who aren't also inclined to like Dream Theater themselves. It's competently done and DT fans should have a good time with this album, but it does rather preach to the choir.
This is one of those bands that became a favorite of mine almost right away. I actually wasn't sure about it the first time I listened to their debut, but after each listen I loved them more and more. While some people compare them to Dream Theater, and I do hear the resemblence, they also have a style their own - a little more laid back, relying less on lightning fast riffs, and building more on the compound rhythms. This is quite possibly one of my top 10 most played albums in my collection - one I keep coming back to after periods away, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Members reviews

Brrrr!This is a hell of an album and it proves wow it's possible to offer a debut album at such a high standard level!Sometimes I have that kind of revelation,musically speaking,that here are some bands with a huge technical and creative potential-and their debut has the impact of a bomb!That's the situation regarding what DARKWATER made on this superbe debut album!Great prog metal album with all the ingredients for this genre-crunchy guitar parts-very good vocals-sometimes aggressive -sometimes calm and reflective -great drumming parts-wonderful and powerful keyboard interventions too-all in very modern and attractive way-Long compositions,plenty of space for the instrumental interventions for the very talented musicians in the band.It's definitely something very impressive!It's rare that kind of an album of more then 1 hour of music without any weak song or moments of boredom!CALLING THE EARTH TO WITNESS is the album that breaks a little the standards of prog metal and proves that this type of music is without any limits-in terms of creativity and freedom of musical expression!The production could have been a little better -it misses something to make the sound more powerful-but it's still good!I am sure the new album which will be released in 2010 will be a new step forward to this so talented and promissing new hope in the prog metal area!Congratulations for a stunning debut album!4.5 STARS!!!

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