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3.50 | 1 rating | 1 review
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Album · 1993

Filed under Death-Doom Metal


1. The Fruits of Ill Virtue (5:13)
2. A Serenade for the Tragic (5:32)
3. Suffer the Shadows (5:59)
4. The Way of All Flesh (5:47)
5. Chinese Whispers (6:55)
6. Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten (7:01)
7. Gather the Shattered (5:50)
8. My Soul Flayed Bare (5:38)

Total Time: 47:57


- Andy Judd / Guitars, Vocals (lead) (Track 4)
- Mark Hope / Bass
- Rogier Hakkaart / Vocals (lead), Guitars
- Frank Brama / Drums

Miscellaneous staff
- Patrick Mameli / Producer, Mixing
- Hans Pieters / Engineering, Mixing

About this release

Mascot Records, 1993

Recorded & mixed at the Excess studio, Rotterdam, Holland, during August '93.
All songs by Creepmine.
All leads by Rogier, except "The Way of All Flesh" by Andy.

Released in the United States on January 25, 1994 by Pavement.

Thanks to UMUR, theheavymetalcat for the updates

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Shadows by Creepmime (1994-01-25)Shadows by Creepmime (1994-01-25)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Shadows" is the debut full-length studio album by Dutch death metal act Creepmime. The album was released through Mascot Records in late 1993 (through Pavement Music in the US in January 1994). Creepmime was formed in 1991 and released the "Anthems For A Doomed Youth..." demo in 1992. They were a relatively shortlived act as they disbanded soon after the release of their second full-length studio album "Chiaroscuro" (1995)". A reunion was attempted in 1997, but the band split-up again in 1998.

The music on the album is technically well played death metal, that while rooted in old school sounding death metal, expands on that style. It´s especially in the rhythm department where Creepmime are slightly more varied than most old school death metal acts, but the band also add dissonance, and unconventional chord progressions to their sound which make their music sound quite different from the death metal norm, yet strangely familiar anyway.

The material are as such well composed, but it´s also in some cases slightly unremarkable, and the 8 tracks on the 47:57 minutes long album, seldom features riffs that stick, or other features to help the songs become memorable. The ideas are there though and occasionally the band are successful in producing a riff or a section that is catchy, and quite often also relatively adventurous and interesting. So "Shadows" is actually an album that´s a bit hard to rate, as it features some pretty mediocre moments but also some pretty exciting ones. After the album is over I always feel like I´ve just listened to something really interesting, but I can´t seem to remember what it is that makes me feel that way.

"Shadows" was produced by Pestilence frontman/guitarist Patrick Mameli, who was also involved in the mixing of the album. So I can point the finger at him, when I say that the sound production lacks power and that the production is a feature on "Shadows" which drags the album in a wrong direction when it comes to the overall quality of the release. So all in all "Shadows" is a death metal album that only occasionally makes my blood boil, but objectively seen it´s still a decent quality release featuring many adventurous and progressive ideas and a 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating isn´t all wrong.

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