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Album · 2000


1. At the Gates of Midian (2:21)
2. Cthulhu Dawn (4:17)
3. Saffron's Curse (6:32)
4. Death Magick for Adepts (5:53)
5. Lord Abortion (6:51)
6. Amor e morte (6:44)
7. Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors (3:00)
8. Her Ghost in the Fog (6:24)
9. Satanic Mantra (0:50)
10. Tearing the Veil From Grace (8:13)
11. Tortured Soul Asylum (7:46)
12. For Those Who Died (6:17)

Total Time: 65:13


- Dani Filth / Vocals
- Paul Allender / Guitars
- Gian Pyres / Guitars
- Robin Graves / Bass
- Martin Powell / Keyboards
- Adrian Erlandsson / Drums

Guest performers:

- Sarah Jezebel Deva, Mika Lindberg / Female vocals
- Andy Nice / Cello
- Doug Bradley / Narration (on tracks 4, 8 & 11)

About this release

Label: Music For Nations (Europe), Koch Records (USA)
Release Date: October 30, 2000

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Vim Fuego
Self–appointed "true" black metallers do not consider Cradle Of Filth to be true black metal.

No, Cradle Of Filth are not as raw as Dark Throne, early Burzum, or Mayhem. No, they don't play as fast as Marduk. No, their atmosphere and songwriting ability is not equal to that of Emperor. And the cardinal sin for the subterranean black metal judges, Cradle Of Filth have sold too many albums!

Look a little further into Cradle Of Filth, and you will see why they have sold so well. The band does not fall into the clichéd black metal trap of having to have paper–thin production, indecipherable strangled cat vocals, and one–dimensional songwriting. Midian is an excellent example of what a band can do when they do not follow the true black metal path, and people have voted with their wallets.

And why not! There are plenty of tasty melodies, the ubiquitous female vocals, and despite the naysayers complaints, plenty of instrumental, vocal and lyrical talent on display here. Dani Filth is his usual filthy self, creating twisted torrid tales of bloodlust and vempiric lesbianism, which he screeches, moans and rasps with glee. The guitars duel a la Iron Maiden, and the rhythm section is as tight as it's ever been.

Without getting into any sub–genre labeling arguments, this is first and foremost a metal album. Yes, metal, that long forgotten music form, played with loud guitars, guitar solos, over the top vocals, and the lyrics cover irreverent subjects like vampires, sex, and, er… sex with vampires… If you're a "true" black metal fan, you will hate this. If you're a fan of metal in general, check it out. It's damn good, tongue–in–(butt)cheek fun!
I've always thought that Clive Barker's Nightbreed - the story of the city of Midian, a secret sanctuary for various warped and demonic monsters, and a man who seeks it out because he's come to believe he is a monster himself - was an absolutely fascinating and genuinely original horror concept let down by repeated failures to realise its possibilities. The original short story (Cabal) was fun but cried out for further development, whilst the movie was a cheesy botch.

I guess Cradle of Filth might have felt the same way, because on Midian they decided to tackle this concept, and the resultant album is perhaps the most successful project ever to tackle the idea. Part of this is because it sees the Cradle's music shifting to a more original basis - no more do the band feel the need to toss in the odd motif from their black metal past, but instead they simply play a hard to classify variety of extreme metal that draws on most of the faster traditions of metal. Whilst the music's centre of gravity is still based around the style of blackened gothic metal the band developed on Dusk and Her Embrace and Cruelty and the Beast, the band roam further and freer than ever before.
This album seems to a landmark in Cradle's career, and here's why.

After the band had recieved success and controversy during the late 90's (with such campaign as the "Jesus is a c*** t-shirt, a BBC programme involving their bad behaviour and outraged parents and loads of other stupid things that they found funny), they had made a good bit of a name for themsevles. So with all this attention, releasing their first music video for "From The Cradle To Enslave", with a more approachable sound, the band were then spurted out onto the spotlight, making them the 2nd biggest metal band on the planet...apparently.

Now this album was able to keep their waning popularity and maintain still a big attraction. Why? Mainly cause the album is so damn good.

Yea...I mean it, this album is so good, it almost seems smug. Their's something quite magical about this album. You can pick holes at it all day, and you just kind of have to accept and surrender at the end, cause it's that good.

Now sound wise, the album is a bit different. Their isn't much "black metal" moments, and this is the album where Cradle really had adopted their own style. Taking extreme metal, gothic metal and adding their own unique style really payed off, and it's the Cradle sound we've all grown to love (or hate, depending on your own opinions).

Production wise, its a bit different. I was annoyed that their wasn't as much focus on keyboards, but to be honest, when their is, it pays off very well. The guitars are the main instrumental focus, with an odd sound to them. Their is a quite raw sound to the guitars, which bodes well to the music, cause over all the high production, their is that harkneing back to their older sound. And Dani's vocals really are amazing as usual, altough at times I feel he's still finding his voice, and he's experementing quite a bit on this album. The album is also the first for Doug Bradleys narration, and this time, he uses the Pinhead voice..killer!

As usual, the lyrics are as amazing as ever, with some really underlooked highlights on this paticular album. Oh and great artwork too.

1. At The Gates Of Midian - Great atmosphere and build up. One of the better Cradle intros. 9/10

2. Cthulhu Dawn - Wow what an intro. This organ riff always sends a tingle down my spine.It's just a perfect Cradle song. Really grabs you by the balls. Great vocals and lyrics from Dani. 10/10

3. Saffron's Curse - Great gothicy feel to it. Reminds me of Paradise Lost at times. I love how the song changes throughout. Great lyrics. 10/10

4. Death Magick For Adepts - The punky feel to this song is really kick ass. This is very different to a standard Cradle song. Really exciting with some killer riffs. The narration at the end is really eerie, but cool as hell. 10/10

5. Lord Abortion - Ok, this song is pretty cheesy, but to be honest, it just shows these guys dark and odd sense of humour. Comical, but who cares, its still a kick ass song.10/10

6. Amor E Morte - Another gothicy song. Killer riffs throughout. I also like the highlighted use of keys on this song. 9/10

7. Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors - A nice plinky plonky interlude. 8/10

8. Her Ghost In The Fog - METAL CLASSIC! This is one motha of a song. Epic as hell, and highlighting all the reasons why I love metal...aggression, verocity...and beauty. Yes, the song is beautifully arranged, with beautiful female vocals, and some really beautiful lyrics. When that intro hits, and Doug Bradley sends ice shivers down your back, you know your in for a thrill ride. This was actually my first encounter with Cradle, when I was just 8. I was scared for my life, but interested like f***. 10/10

9. Satanic Mantra - I love this...that's all I'm going to say. 10/10

10. Tearing The Veil From Grace - Great use of female vocals, with the catchy melody. But don't let it fool you, it turns into one dark mothafu**a of a song. Nice lyrics too. 10/10

11. Tortured Soul Asylum - One of my secret favourite Cradle songs. What an ending this is. Dark as hell. Such a behemoth of a song. Very different and dark to the rest of the album. Incredibly exciting throughout. The vocals are some of Dani's highlights. The lyrics are also so very evil, with great use of profanities. 10/10

CONCLUSION: This wouldn't be my favourite Cradle album, but to be honest, it still is a marvel to behold. I will always enjoy listening to this album and it will always be part of my collection, and ring through my head.


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