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Album · 2011


1. Not My Funeral (4:55)
2. Shovel Knockout (4:03)
3. Roundtrip to Hell and Back (3:47)
4. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide (4:10)
5. Relentless Reckless Forever (4:41)
6. Ugly (4:13)
7. Cry of the Nihilist (3:31)
8. Was It Worth It? (4:03)
9. Northpole Throwdown (2:54)
10. Party All the Time (Eddie Murphy cover)[*]

Total Time: 36:19


- Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho / Vocals, Guitar
- Roope Latvala / Guitar
- Janne "Warman" Wirman / Keyboards
- Henkka T. "Blacksmith" Seppälä / Bass
- Jaska W. Raatikainen / Drums

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Universal Music Group 2011

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2011’s Relentless Reckless Forever is the seventh full-length studio album by the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Children Of Bodom. There are nine tracks and the album clocks in at a succinct 36 minutes.

It was seen at the time of its release as something of a return to form for the band as it brought back touches of the speed and neoclassical elements that had been toned down on the Are You Dead Yet? and Blooddrunk records. It’s a remarkably slick, professional sounding, expertly produced affair, blending the sounds of records like Are You Dead Yet? and the savagery of earlier stuff like Hatebreeder.

The sound is a mixture of the modern Bodom style of Groove Metal bounce, Slight industrial tinged mechanical sounding riffs, and the occasional slow sections with the early Bodom recipe of Thrash riffs, Death riffs, mostly Melodic lead guitar, frequent guitar solos, a lot of double-kicks, interesting drum fills, and a sort of Power Metal style larger-than-life bombast. That’s all topped off with Alexi’s instantly recognizable voice.

Some fans aren’t so keen on this record, or the two which preceded it, and only enjoy the early stuff, so maybe its not the best place to start. Pick up the classics first, and if you still want some more Bodom this is a good place to go next. I wouldn’t necessarily pick this particular record to win over a non-fan with, but I wouldn’t neglect it when choosing a best-of playlist. For what its worth, I personally enjoy this album a hell of a lot and listen to it pretty often.

Highlights include the opener ‘Not My Funeral,’ the closer ‘Northpole Throwdown’ and the lyrically offensive but incredibly catchy ‘Pussfoot Miss Suicide.’

In Summary; If you like Heavy Metal, virtuosic guitar and keyboard playing, technicality and don’t dislike harsh vocal styles, then Children Of Bodom are definitely a band you should consider trying out. Relentless Reckless Forever is very solid Bodom record and all but the most jaded and groove-hating fans should find something to like about it. There are enough interesting songs and enjoyable lead guitar moments that fans should find an enjoyable addition to their collection.
I remember my first encounter with Children Of Bodom. I wanted to get into the band, so getting their newest album at the time, Are You Dead Yet?, I put on the first song and went, “wow...probabbly one of the best metal songs I have ever heard.” And the rest of the album had a similar vein. It was just good song after good song.

Now Children Of Bodom never have really been a band to go crazy over in my opinion. But I have to admit, that Are You Dead Yet? Is a perfect album. So the rest of their stuff is a bit touch and go to be honest. Now I will admit that Hatebreeder & Hatecrew Death Roll are great albums. But after Blooddrunk, the band kind of made me loose interest. Bloodrunk wasn't too bad, it was a disappointment, but I just didn't really care about them much anymore. In fact I thought of them more as a novelty (covering Britney Spears songs and all that).

So when this album came out, I forgot about it really. I knew it was out, but I was like “meh”. So when I was getting a bunch of “new albums,” I thought, “meh what's the worst that could happen with this one.” And to be honest, I should have just forgotten it.

This is their 2nd disappointment in a row, and its an even bigger disappointment than the latter. I think Children Of Bodom have really lost their identity with this release, because it seems that all their uniqueness has been drained, and what is left is just the sounds of all the modern metal bands (I think this album prooves that fine line between Melodic Death Metal and Metaclore). In fact, this album reminds me of when you hear an unsigned band and think “meh”

The album is bad, but its not terrible. This isn't going on the worst albums list either, but it's close. What saves this album is that now and then, there are songs which have some pretty good moments, and make them slightly more interesting. But the rest is just filler. The perfect way to describe this album is that the good songs sound like the filler on most Bodem albums, and the rest is worse.

Now instrumentally, the band just isn’t as impressive as they where. I remember I used to compare the instrumental playing of Alexis & Roope to the work of John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess. But now, it's just standard, solo, solo, solo, solo...and nothing else really. And as usual, Alexis just sounds like a cat.

1. Not My Funeral – Ok...being the first song, I'm thinking, “em, this isn't the Children Of Bodom I've known and liked. This is maybe a bit too much of a step forward in the modern direction. Good production though, but very forgetful. 5/10

2. Shovel Knockout – I do like the thrasy moments. And to be honest, there is something about the chorus I like. Although still a little bland though. 5/10

3. Rountrip To Hell & Back – I really don't care about this song. To be honest, it just kind of sounds like all the modern metal out today, all clustered together. Although there is a nice riff in it. And the ending is just terrible in my opinion. The slow down bit sounds so rushed. 4/10

4. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide – With such a funny name, you'd think this song would be interesting. Nope. Bland as ever. And theirs some instrumental and musical changes that make no sense, and arent nice to listen to. I guess the chorus isn't the worst, but it's still not great. 3/10

5. Relentless Reckless Forever – The chorus isn't too bad on this one. In fact its one of the best on the album. Now that's not saying a lot. 4/10

6. Ugly – Ok,again, this song isn't the worst. It's got a good chorus, and there are some nice moments in it which come back now and then which are nice. 5/10

7. Cry Of The Nihilst – Best song on the album. In fact it seems to be one of the only real redeeming features. Great chorus and lead up to it. Great instrumental section too. Finally glimmers of the old Bodom are being shown. 7/10

8. Was It Worth It? - Ok, another pretty good song on the album. I hate it when albums start off bad, and get good at points. Nice chorus. 6/10

9. Northpool Throwdown – Nice thrashy end. But forgetable. 3/10

CONCLUSION: I really don't have a lot of faith for these guys now. Myabe their next one won't be so bad. But I'm not going out at any great depths to listen to it. Although if you like heavy riffs and nonsense, then you actually might like this.

Children of Bodom has received quite a bit of heat for their last few releases - particularly 2008's universally slandered Blooddrunk. Relentless Reckless Forever (pardon the equally awful album title) can be considered a "return to form" of sorts. Although it may lack the charm of their first handful of releases, this is an exceptionally strong melodic death metal album filled with memorable songwriting, impeccable musicianship, and that distinct sound that's made Children of Bodom recognized worldwide. Relentless Reckless Forever does feel a bit run of the mill at times, but the bottom line is that this a fun album that I always have a great time putting on.

The music here is a mix of death/thrash metal, power metal, and touches of progressive metal (mainly in the keyboard arrangements). I also hear a bit of metalcore, but it's not a particularly dominant style. Keyboards are very prevalent on Relentless Reckless Forever - this is mainly a "guitar album", but the synth work from Janne "Warman" Wirman is definitely enough to piss off the death metal purists. The cheesy tones occasionally bug me and add a "cheap" atmosphere to the music, but I generally have a great appreciation for Wirman's playing. He's a "keyboard wizard" in the truest sense. Of course, the two guitarists (Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho and Roope Latvala) offer plenty of blinding leads and tasteful riffs throughout the near 40-minute duration. The production is also polished and professional.

It's really hard not to at least moderately enjoy Relentless Reckless Forever - this is a fun album in the truest sense. Cheesy keyboards, crazy instrumental sections, and catchy songs are really what this album is all about. I would've greatly appreciated a more adventurous attitude, but that doesn't severely detract from the great experience I have every time I put on Relentless Reckless Forever. Fans of Children of Bodom and melodic death/power metal in general are advised to check this out - just don't take it too seriously! Somewhere between a 3-3.5 is a fair rating here.
Children Of Bodom's latest record RELENTLESS RECKLESS FOREVER is something I and many other people have been waiting for a long time. But will it live up to the expectations?

1. Not My Funeral: Good opening, kicks into the action at once, with a good opening riff. Really good headbaning riff around 1:00. Chorus is very melodic and catchy. The unisono solo is a bit weird/atonal, but it fits the song. Alexi's solo is just about what you would expect. 4*

2. Shovel Knockout: Starts of pretty bad, gets better around 0:35, although i think is scream is really misplaced. The riff and fast upbeat drumming lead usto into a melodic chorus in the style of "KISSING THE SHADOWS". Nothing really special here. 3*

3. Roundtrip To Hell And Back: Good slow melodic opening, which leads into pretty slow chordy piece, with lots of keys, which sound good. There are a few interesting riffs in here, solo is not really memorable. 3*

4. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide: Kicks in with a good riff, which leads us into a faster, more headbanging riff, in the style of "ARE YOU DEAD YET". The grand keyboard parts sound extremely well. Solo section is pretty nice. 3.5*

5. Relentless Reckless Forever: Solid track, not to fast, not to slow. Kicks in once again with a great riff. Nothing really stands out on this track, but there is nothing that really dissapoits either. 3.5*

6. Ugly: Kicks in hard and fast, but falls back after a while, which is a shame, but soon turns up again. The main riff is pretty good.I absolutely LOVE the solo. 3.5*

7. Cry of the Nihilist: My least favourite song at the moment. Really thrashy tune, with a cool unisono solo. 3*

8. Was It Worth It?: Without doubt the worst track on the album. It's really song oriented, and pretty catchy, but it doesn't fit on this album. The vocal Alexi uses is a big bummer. 2*

9. Northpole Throwdown: Best track on the whole album, in the style of "HATEBREEDER". Fast, thrashy, i f*ckin love it. For me this is how Children Of Bodom should sound like. Amazing. 4,5*

After 2008's dissapointment called BLOODDRUNK, this is a solid comeback, and just a really solid album in general. It's certainly worth the Children Of Bodom name, but it is far away from their classic albums like HATEBREEDER and FOLLOW THE REAPER

3.5 Stars.

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