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Album · 2012


1. Pavo Sirr (08:31)
2. Yield the Moġ (17:19)
3. Demonology (12:06)
4. Eclipse at Dawn (16:06)
5. Wormhole (08:00)
6. Holding the Sun (09:11)
7. Scintillatry of Abscond (12:08)
8. Universal Sire (15:21)

Total Time 98:42



About this release

Digital album self-released 30th November 2012.

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"Twelve miles to madness, twelve steps to evolution, twelve phases of permission, twelve doors to oblivion, a twelve-step monomyth which is a an allegorical treatise on philosophy ordaining its concept parallelly inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra" and St John Of The Cross' "Ascent Of Mount Carmel". A bizarre, theological and esoteric dissertation grounded upon the logic of the dream and the logic of the torment, or more properly the logic of paradox, the paradox within the whole universe, in which there's no disparity between the dissolute ignition of Melek Tawûsê and sacrosanct dissolution of Universal Sire.

Here are the order of the twelve, step by step;

Fields Of Mount Carmel; Cult Of Tawûsê Worshippers
Seven Beings Of Unknown
Maze Of The Nine Moġ
The Graveyard; Order Of Necromancers
Sabbatic Goat
Temple Of Fire
The Melting Planet
The Murmuring Dwarf
The Sun God
Mosasaur; The Vortex
The Summit; Universal Sire

The complete list of all the literary works the main concept is loosely based on or more soundly inspired by:

The Broken Spears (Miguel Leon-Portilla)
Ascent Of Mount Carmel (St John Of The Cross)
Port Of Saints (William S. Burroughs)
Spirits Of The Aether (Jaq D. Hawkins)
Thus Spake Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche)
The Witch-Cult In Western Europe (Margaret Alice Murray)
Hell's Angels (Hunter S. Thompson)
The Fire Worshipper (Sadegh Hedayat)
Annals Of The Cakchiquels (Francisco Hernandez Arana Xajila)
The Burrow (Franz Kafka)
The Unnamable (H. P. Lovecraft)
The Magical Revival (Kenneth Grant)

A list of some films that also inspired the concept:

The Impossible Voyage (Georges Méliès)
Winter Light (Ingmar Bergman)
Aguirre, The Wrath Of God (Werner Herzog)
The Trial (Orson Welles)
Häxan (Benjamin Christensen)
The Time Machine (George Pal)
The State Of Things (Wim Wenders)
L'Age d'Or (Luis Buñuel)
The Sunset Limited (Tommy Lee Jones)
El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
The Seventh Seal (Ingmar Bergman)
Lucifer Rising (Kenneth Anger)

Philosophy Of Twelve

The concept behind the number twelve, apart from the aforementioned order of the twelve, lies behind two main ideas, one is rooted in "The Second Dance-Song" chapter of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"'s third section (One! O man! Take heed! Two! What saith deep midnight's voice indeed? Three! "I slept my sleep Four! From deepest dream I've woke and plead Five! The world is deep Six! And deeper than the day could read Seven! Deep is its woe Eight! Joy deeper still than grief can be Nine! "Woe saith: Hence! Go! Ten! "But joys all want eternity Eleven! "Want deep profound eternity!" Twelve!) and the other is rooted in "Manly Prudence" chapter, as it follows; "How many things are now called the worst wickedness, which are only twelve feet broad and three months long"."

Thanks to Bosh66 for the addition


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