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2.75 | 2 ratings | 2 reviews
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EP · 2017

Filed under Deathcore


1. Rosecrance (02:11)
2. Empires Erased (03:25)
3. Open Arms to Damnation (02:38)
4. Abstract Art (03:15)
5. The New Reign (02:20)
6. Brace Legs (02:28)
7. Bow Down (02:01)
8. The Takeover (03:03)
9. Glorious Day (02:29)

Total Time 23:50


- Ronnie Canizaro / vocals
- Lee Mckinney / guitar
- Joe Buras / keyboards
- David DaRocha / bass
- Cameron Losch / drums

About this release

Released 24th February 2017 on Sumerian Records.

Thanks to Bosh66 for the addition and adg211288, siLLy puPPy for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
After their short EP debut studio release “The New Reign” which appeared in 2007, BORN OF OSIRIS roughly released a new album every two years but somewhere along the way the band decided that they just weren’t happy with their debut EP and it desperately needed to be re-recorded and repackaged, retitled and released once again. Come ten years later and the newly named THE ETERNAL REIGN accomplishes this goal by taking all eight tracks back to the studio and polishing them into deathcore perfection with even a bonus track in the form of “Glorious Day” to finish it off with bringing the new playing time to a whopping 23 minutes and 50 seconds.

Well, what can someone exactly say about a brutal deathcore band trying to re-record and album. How about…. REALLY? Ok, first of all, i’m rarely a fan of any band re-recording an album because of nitpicky imperfections no matter how legit they may be due to the fact that for every inch of error is erased, so too is a pound of passion that made the album stand out in the first place. However in the case of BORN OF OSIRIS who utilize a brutal deathened core sound designed to bang your head and make your ears bleed with slight touches of sugary atmospheric keyboards to make the bitter just a little sweet, i have to shake my head and ask the obvious question: WHY BOTHER?

To the casual listener this won’t sound a bit different as all the growly screams, all the distorted guitar riffs, solos, drum blasts and metal accoutrements are pretty much following down the same path. Where this second rendition of the EP does differ is in the “extras” department namely in the ambience and keyboard effects that add new riffs here and there and stand out as more prominent features of the band sprinkled across the album but nothing added makes this a substantially better album where it counts, namely in the songwriting department where all the tracks sound just as average as they did the first time around. I have to admit that the percussion has improved over the original.

Perhaps it would’ve been a better idea to focus on new music instead. The only redeeming aspect of this album is that there is one new track titled “Glorious Day” which is the best track on the EP which only serves the purpose of showing how far the band has come in its technical prowess and ability to make tracks more interesting. Hmmm, maybe that’s the point? I dunno but this track shows a more adept ability of blending all the core elements with more classic metal sounds, more sophisticated atmospheric embellishments and even the drum parts are more diverse than elsewhere. Unfortunately it lasts a mere two and a half minutes so hardly worth tracking this down for a mere bonus track which is good but not outstanding. Nah, this is mostly a waste of time.

Members reviews

I am grateful to post the first review of THE ETERNAL REIGN. If you're a fan of Born Of Osiris, as I definitely am, I think THE ETERNAL REIGN is a nonessential disc. It's great music, but the original THE NEW REIGN was already great music. Some may criticize the original's sound quality. I assume that THE ETERNAL REIGN is a re-recording, not just a remastering. I don't care much about sound quality as long as you can hear it, and I think the original sounded just fine. If you are just starting to familiarize yourself with the band, THE ETERNAL REIGN is a very good place to start. If you already think Born of Osiris is an amazing metal band regardless of subgenre, the original album works just as well.

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