Destroyer of Worlds
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Album · 2001

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Lake of Fire (5:43)
2. Destroyer of Worlds (4:51)
3. Ode (6:27)
4. Bleeding (3:55)
5. Pestilence (6:50)
6. 109 (3:36)
7. Death From Above (4:35)
8. Krom (2:50)
9. Liberty and Justice (3:52)
10. Kill Kill Kill (3:09)
11. Sudden Death (3:19)
12. White Bones (8:35)
13. Day of Wrath (8:12)

Total Time: 65:59


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About this release

Label: Black Mark Production
Release date: October 9th, 2001

Recorded in June 2001 at The Bunker, Stockholm, Sweden. Produced by Quorthon.

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Destroyer of WorldsDestroyer of Worlds
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Destroyer of Worlds by Bathory (2003-01-01)Destroyer of Worlds by Bathory (2003-01-01)
Black Mark Germany
Audio CD$85.56
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

In Destroyer of Worlds, Quorthon now tries to mix his viking metal songs with his half-assed thrash metal songs he used to craft Requiem and Octagon.

At this point, Bathory is now just a one man band. Quorthon is powering along by himself, playing all the instruments and vocals. The five year hiatus between this album and the previous one, Blood On Ice, but the viking themes from that album are not all lost here. Even with the first three songs, you can hear that kind of influence and it's still awesome as ever. "Lake of Fire" is my favorite of the album.

The noticeably shorter songs are his thrashier ones, and the weaker ones on this albums. They're better here than on Requiem or Octoagon, both in musicianship and in production. There are even some really good ones here like "109" and "Sudden Death".

Thrown in with the thrashier songs is a weaker viking metal piece titled "Pestilence". After all the shorter songs are over, we have a pair of 8 minute pieces. The first, "White Bones", is a longer thrashy song. It's actually better than the other thrashy songs on the album despite its length (or perhaps because of its length). The other "Day of Wrath" is a final viking ballad for this album. It's the best way to end this album.

If you can overcome the shortcomings of Destroyer of Worlds, it can actually be a very enjoyable album. Even the lackluster thrash metal pieces could have really shone if Quorthon put some more time into them.

...not that there's much he can do about it now. :(

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