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EP · 2005

Filed under Sludge Metal


A1. Red Sky (05:44)
A2. Son of Sun (07:04)
A3. Vision (07:32)

Total Time 20:21


- John Baizley / vocals, guitar
- Allen Blickle / drums
- Tim Loose / guitar
- Summer Welch / bass

About this release

12" single-sided vinyl EP released 5th July 2005 on Hyperrealist Records (HR010).

Produced by Phillip Cope (Kylesa).
Artwork by John Baizley.

Vinyl pressings:

1st press:
1000 Black
2nd press (2006):
500 Black
500 Clear

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

siLLy puPPy
BARONESS followed up its debut EP, “First” with the logically titled SECOND which was released the very next year in 2005. Like the debut, this one contained three tracks that exceeded the 20 minute mark and along with the debut was one of the two releases to feature the early lineup of John Baizley (vocals, guitar), Allen Blickle (drums), Tim Loose (guitar) and Summer Welch (bass.)

SECOND exhibits a more sophisticated sound that while not jettisoning the extreme core influences that emerged from the members’ punk roots that offer caustic sludge metal delivers on overdrive, the band’s progressive tendencies that peeked through the din on the debut are more developed on this one and in many ways BARONESS sounds most like Mastodon on this one as the 2000s found an entire Georgia scene that incorporated core and punk influences into sludge metal along with progressive and psychedelic elements.

While “First” was on high octane all the time, SECOND allows for some slower echoey guitar sequences that allow some interesting instrumental interplay especially on “Son Of Sun” which displays some of the band’s notorious flirtations with progressive rock that would become its signature sound and as a result makes a much more interesting musical experience than on “First” although that one was a wickedly wild unadulterated slab of primeval raw sludge metal.

One can think of these early EP years as the first phase of BARONESS which includes the following split with Unpersons titled “A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk” before the lineup change that would debut on the band’s first full-length “Red Album.” In addition to the sludge metal antics of Mastodon on SECOND, there are clear references to post-metal bands like Isis as well the expected Kylesa connection. Overall i prefer this much more sophisticated SECOND offering to the first because not only does it deliver a filthy raw slab of caustic sludge metal but also exceeds its one-dimensional nature by offering respites into more progressive and psychedelic meanderings.
"Second" is as the name suggests the second release by US sludge metal act Baroness. "Second" is like the first release by the band "First (2003)" a 3 track EP released by the Hyperrealist label.

When describing the music on the EP it´s hard not to mention two specific sludge metal acts. Imagine what would happen if early Mastodon (aggressive sludge metal) was injected with a fix of Isis (heavy, atmospheric and experimental post/sludge metal). I´ll tell you what! It would probably sound like the music on this EP. All three tracks are intriguing and the musicianship are excellent so in addition to being a worthwhile purchase in terms of quantity (the EP features a 20:20 minutes long playing time) it´s certainly also a worthwhile purchase in terms of quality.

The sound production is professional, raw and powerful. It´s a suiting sound for the music. So "Second" is in many ways a great second release by Baroness and definitely a step up from the otherwise promising "First (2003)". They had yet to develop a more original sound at this point and the nods toward the two above mentioned acts are a bit too obvious at times, but a 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is still fully deserved.
A sludgy mess of an album, Baroness's Second is vaguely reminiscent of early (i.e. about the same time) Mastodon, with a distinct southern drawl. The vocals are rough and harsh without ever sounding anything other than badass, the guitars are low, heavy, and play many slinky harmonized lines. Everything is tight but loose, groovy and thrashing.

The whole thing is rough, it's not always quite in time or in tune, but damned if it doesn't have more balls than anything else. One of the best examples that sometimes the best music isn't perfectly executed or polished to a lustrous shine.

In contrast to their EP First, which by the way I feel should always be taken directly before this one, I find that Second's weakest moments come somewhere in the middle, and its ending is a giant wallop upside the head. Regardless, its lows are far better than most bands' highs.

And yes, this is just a slight reworking of my review for First, but basically everything that can be said about First applies to Second as well.

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