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3.71 | 25 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 2007


1. Critical Acclaim (5:14)
2. Almost Easy (3:54)
3. Scream (4:48)
4. Afterlife (5:53)
5. Gunslinger (4:11)
6. Unbound (The Wild Ride) (5:11)
7. Brompton Cocktail (4:13)
8. Lost (5:02)
9. A Little Piece of Heaven (8:00)
10. Dear God (6:33)

Total Time: 53:04


- M. Shadows / lead vocals, keyboards
- Synyster Gates / lead guitar, backing vocals
- Zacky Vengeance / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Johnny Christ / bass guitar, backing vocals
- The Rev / drums, percussion, vocals

About this release

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Producer: Avenged Sevenfold
Released October 30, 2007
Recorded 2007 at Sunset Sound Recorders in Los Angeles, California, Eldorado Recording Studios, and Burbank & Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California

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Time Signature
Critical acclaim...

Genre: so-called metalcore / thrash metal / power metal

Avenged Sevenfold, or AX7, have reached a certain level of mainstream popularity and a level of unpopularity in heavy metal circles, whose most purist members consider AX7 and most other metalcore bands to play false, or untrue, metal.

I say, f*ck the idea of true metal. There is no such thing as true metal. Since its inception back in the 1960s, heavy metal music has always been a hybrid sort of bastard music based on influences from a lot of different genres. An metalcore bands, like AX7 and Killswitch Engage and others, who draw on hardcore punk and pop rock in addition to subgenres of heavy metal, are just as true metal as your death metal, black metal, trad. metal, nu metal, death metal, grindcore, progressive metal or whatever metal band.

This release certainly is hardrocking and contains a lot of elements from thrash metal and groove metal, and the guitar work involves several guitar harmonies, shredding and virtuosic, at times, almost neoclassical melodies and solos, and tracks like "Afterlife", "Critical Acclaim", "Scream", and "Lost" ... are almost phenomenal tracks (well, "Afterlife" and "Lost" are f*cking brilliant).

It's true that there are melodic elements and choruses with a certain pop-sensibility to them, and that may be too much for some metalheads. I think the melodies work most of the time, although I must admit to being put off a couple of times myself when I think things get too cheesy; but on the whole I think the melodies work extremely well; and, I do appreciate choruses that I can sing along to. And, once you've been exposed to Dead By April's terrible pop-rape of the Gothemburg sound, like I have, then you're hardened enough to withstand even the poppiest moments on this album by AX7, such as "Gunslinger" - an alternative metal ballad -, the silly "Unborn (the Wild Ride)" which reminds me of a very cheesy power metal track (although it does contain some very impressive progressive neoclassical parts in the bridge), and "Dear God".

Recommended to fans of true true metal.
There is a lot of controversy over this band, and to be honest, I’m not completely sure why. I think it’s because their popular, but I have never really gotten into that whole sceenester approach to music, because it in itself is conforming to a paradoxical stereotype.

I have always like Avenged Sevenfold, and yes they’ve had their weak moments, their ups and downs, but over all, they’re an amazing band, showing off a good amount and not too OTT, and they also can write some great “SONGS!”, a thing some metal bands are leaving out today.

This sadly was their last album with The Rev, before his untimely death, and his drumming and surprisingly his vocals are amazing and really make the album what it is.

This album is actually nearly flawless. Every song is a real landmark, and by far this is their most polished, experimental and best album they ever made.

1. Critical Acclaim - An amazing start. Very epic, angry and has a lot of interesting moments. The Revs vocals in the chorus are powerful as hell. The middle section is probably one of the greatest things they have ever written with the odd chord changes and amazing lead break. 10/10

2. Almost Easy - An great pop metal song. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are just spellbinding. I also love the Richard Christey influenced drumming. 10/10

3. Scream - Very poppy and very rocking. Great chorus with some great vocal harmonies. 10/10

4. Afterlife - The album version is way better than the single. Great use of orchestration. Again, very radio friendly. 10/10

5. Gunslinger - The arrangement is quite odd, with the acoustic section, and then a heavier development. Still wonderfully done though. 10/10

6. Unbound (The Wild Ride) - Power Metal influence? This does have quite a thrashy rhythm, but this song is one of their most dynamic, with a load of twists and turns and some amazing choir and orchestral sections. M. Shadows vocals in the chorus are quite spectacular. 10/10

7. Brompton Cocktail - Symphonic Metal influence? This song has quite a gothic feel to it. Great string section arrangement. 9/10

8. Lost - Another radio friendly song with vocorder. It is odd to hear a vocorder in a metal song, unless you’re Cynic, and you abuse it as much as you can. This song does it just right. God, can these guys write a good chorus. 10/10

9. A Little Piece Of Heaven - This song is very odd, but in a good way. Probably their most pompous thing to date. The lyrics are funny, and the arrangement is amazing, with a whole orchestra playing an almost Zappa like composition. The Rev shows off his best vocal performance, especially near the end. 10/10

10. Dear God - I really don’t like this song to much, but it is incredibly well written, with some great arrangements. 8/10

CONCLUSION: This album is one of those rare, almost perfect albums. I will always like this album, and I don’t think one song has ever really bored or annoyed me. Just a modern masterpiece really, entering dimensions and shocking critics, that’s the Avenged way.
"Avenged Sevenfold" is the self-titled 4th full-length studio album by US heavy rock/metal act Avenged Sevenfold. The album was released through Warner Bros. Records in October 2007. The band´s preceeding album "City of Evil (2005)" provided Avenged Sevenfold with both commercial success and artistic praise. But with success comes high expectations from fans and critics alike, and it was always going to be interesting if Avenged Sevenfold would continue the more adventurous heavy metal style of "City of Evil (2005)", or if they would try and pursue a more mainstream sound.

As it turns out "Avenged Sevenfold" is not quite as adventurous in style as "City of Evil (2005)", and it certainly features more mainstream appeal than it´s more bold predecessor. That doesn´t mean that this self-titled release is completely devoid of adventurous moments ("A Little Piece of Heaven" is semi-progressive to these ears), but overall it´s a pretty mainstream oriented heavy metal release. Mainstream oriented or not the music on the album is still unmistakably the sound of Avenged Sevenfold with M. Shadows emotional delivery and distinct sounding vocals in front. Sure he can at times be put in the catagory of generic emo vocalists, but he is extremely skilled and masters many different singing styles, going from raw to emotional/sensitive. Fortunately the aggressive distorted metalcore type vocals were left behind already before "City of Evil (2005)", and they thankfully don´t return here.

Avenged Sevenfold are generally very skilled musicians and they generally play some really impressive parts on this album. The two guitarists churn out powerful riffs and melodic leads and themes while the rhythm section are tight playing and powerful. The songwriting is generally professional and the tracks are memorable. Strong verses and melodic/memorable choruses. Take a listen to the strong chorus in "Almost Easy" for an example of the latter. This is not subtle in any way. You get a full on attack of the senses throughout the album. The closing power ballad track "Dear God" is probably the closest you´ll get to subtle on this album and that one is still pretty bombastic.

The fat and powerful sound production suits the music well and provide the album with a heavy edge. And that´s it! "Avenged Sevenfold" is another high quality album by Avenged Sevenfold. It´s professional, well produced, well written and well performed, but if you compare it to it´s more adventurous predecessor, it´s also a bit formulaic and the more mainstream oriented sound is also bound to make it more predictable, less original, and less interesting after a couple of spins. It´s still a great album though and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

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