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3.81 | 9 ratings | 3 reviews
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Album · 1992


1. Intro (2:29)
2. It Came (Aspid) (7:32)
3. Towards One Goal (5:53)
4. Give Me (Play for a Ballet) (8:27)
5. Hey, You! (4:15)
6. Where the Night (6:11)
7. Comatose State (5:05)
8. Extravasation (7:07)

Total Time 46:59


- Aleksander Sidorchik / Guitars
- Vasiliy Shapovalov / Drums
- Vitaliy Hlopov / Vocals
- Vladimir Pzhenkov / Bass

About this release

Ritonis Records, 1992

Originally released as "Кровоизлияние" (Krovoyziliyanie). Re-issued as "Extravasation," with all tracks in English, in 2007 by ant[ICON] Laboratories and Stigmartyr Records.

Recorded at SNC Studio 3-18 May 1992.

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From the Russian tundra comes a Tech Thrash draconic beast that was unfortunately a few years late to the game, but no less legendary in its own right. Since it came from such a remote place and after Thrash was dead and buried, Кровоизлияние had no chance of success. The band never broke through nor released any other material. However, to think that says anything about the quality of this album would be a massive mistake.

Aspid’s debut and sole album is a Progressive/Technical Thrash package of pure quality and talent. The musical ability and songwriting is fantastic, even the simple production is very good at ensuring every aspect of it is clear and audible. I am of course referencing the bass, which is amazing and very noticeable here. There’s nothing to this other than the barebones guitar drums bass vocals setup, but every instrument is working insanely hard.

I think the best thing about this is that it’s not overbearing like some Tech Prog can be; the songwriting is extremely efficient at mixing technical prowess and wow factor with a consistent musical progression that feels natural and enjoyable. In short, they sound like damn good songs as opposed to feats of ability. The technical, big brain aspect of the music just ensures you can come back again and again and never get bored.
siLLy puPPy
One of Russia’s most significant contributions to the classic thrash metal scene, the band Аспид (Aspid) was only around for a short time and delivered one sole album and although the band was pretty much an exotic curiosity during the time in which it existed roughly from 1988-97, this Volgodonsk based technical thrash metal powerhouse has more than stood the test of time and often ranks high on best thrash metal lists of the 1990s.

Existing at the time when the Soviet Union underwent a complete collapse and the former republics that once constituted the empire were going their separate ways, ASPID is a prime example of a group of young ambitious musicians overcoming the daunting odds of getting its product to market and eventually capturing the attention of the entire international metal scene. Originally released under the title Кровоизлияние which translates as “Hemorrhage,” the vinyl only release wouldn’t find its way onto a remastered CD until 2007 when it was retitled “Extravasation.”

Due to the fact this one was released twice, first in the Russian language and then in English, word has it that on the remastered versions the production was also sped up giving that version a completely different style. For the record, i’m reviewing the original version which appears in the Russian language with the decent but not outstanding production job. However for raw extreme metal, production is not a priority as i always prefer outstanding musicianship over any bells and whistles and in the compositional department, ASPID were indeed seasoned veterans of technical thrash metal.

Кровоизлияние featured eight tracks beginning with the trippy keyboard dominated atmospheric intro. The real meat of the album follows with the ten minute “Он пришёл (Аспид)” which exposes the band as a competent tech thrash metal band in the vein of Coroner and Sadus and fits into that category of metal that sounds like thrash metal evolving into death metal much like early Death, Hellwitch or Obliveon. While the twin guitar attacks are clearly in the thrash metal department with stomping riffs and sizzling guitar solos courtesy of Alexander Sidorchik, the complexities are verging on progressive metal but don’t quite step over the line into that arena.

Graced with an energetic delivery system completely with rampaging rhythmic bombast and technical uncommon time signatures, at least for thrash metal of the era, Кровоизлияние is a satisfying display of feisty uncompromising thrash metal fury unleashed in a satisfying ever-changing procession of variations that keep the album from ever sounding like it’s in danger of stagnating. “Там где ночь” for example displays that perfect mix of “Rust In Peace” era Megadeth with a more ferocious speedy attack in the vein of Sadus but with the fine-tuned finesse of the likes of Coroner.

Unavailable to Western nations for the first half of its existence, ASPID is now considered one of Russia’s most prominent contributors to the early metal scene and while bands like Aria were clearly Iron Maiden imitators, ASPID deftly blended its influences into a steaming hot cauldron of molten metal more than ready for primetime. The only problem was that the band never released a followup thus leaving this sole artifact of the chaotic 90s as its only proof that it existed but if a band is going to drop one bomb on the world and then disappear forever, they couldn’t have done much better than Кровоизлияние which is a brilliant display of Russian metal made all the more exotic by the lyrics in the mother tongue.
"Extravasation" is the debut full-length studio album by Russian thrash metal act Aspid (original Russian name Аспид). The album was released through Ritonis Records in 1992. Originally under the title "Кровоизлияние". The first version of the album feautures Russian lyrics. The album was however reissued in 2007 through ant[ICON] Laboratories and Stigmartyr Records with English lyrics. Aspid were formed in 1988. After releasing "Extravasation" they disbanded...

...which is a crying shame judging by the quality of the material and the performances found here. Stylistically the music is technical thrash metal with snarling rabid dog vocals in front. If I have to mention valid references I´d mention artists like early Invocator, late period Death, and Vektor. The Russian language lyrics come out quite charming, and even though I don´t understand a word, the phrasing and the passionate delivery of the vocals work really well. The four guys in the lineup are incredibly well playing. Sharp technical thrash metal riffing (both fast and more heavy), blistering guitar solos, and varied and very powerful drumming. In fact I have to give a special mention to drummer Vasiliy Shapovalov, whose performance here is what I´d characterize as extraordinary.

"Extravasation" features a powerful, raw, and detailed sound production, which suits the music perfectly. The songwriting is also relatively varied and generally of a high quality and upon conclusion "Extravasation" is a great debut album by Aspid. This is one of those rare one album artists, who released an actual gem, that most people have probably never heard of. If you enjoy technical thrash metal, do yourself a favour and seek it out. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

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