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Album · 1995

Filed under Groove Metal


1. Random Acts Of Senseless Violence (4:02)
2. Fueled (4:02)
3. King Size (3:59)
4. Riding Shotgun (4:26)
5. Perpetual Motion (4:20)
6. In A Zone (5:07)
7. Nothing (4:34)
8. American Pompeii (5:30)
9. Drop The Ball (4:59)
10. Tester (4:21)
11. Bare (5:31)
12. Grunt & Click* (5:28)
13. Dethroned Emperor* (4:32)
14. Celebrated Summer* (4:30)
15. Watchin' You* (3:38)

* bonus track on 2001 reissue

Total Time: 69:07

Bonus tracks (Japan):
12. Remember Tomorrow (5:07)
13. Grunt & Click (5:29)
14. Watchin' You (3:38)


- John Bush / vocals
- Scott Ian / guitars
- Frank Bello / bass
- Charlie Benante / drums

Guest musicians:
- Paul Crook / guitars
- Dimebag Darrell / lead guitar (Riding Shotgun and King Size)

About this release

Release date: October 24, 1995
label: Elektra Records.
Reissued in 2001 with 4 bonus tracks.
Japan re-release contains 3 bonus tracks.

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ANTHRAX STOMP 442 reviews

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Take one look at that album cover. It's pretty obvious what kind of album this is going to be when it's just a massive ball of heavy metal that towers over the lone man standing right by it. While most known for his work on the many legendary covers that graced all the Pink Floyd classics, Storm Thorgerson did his fair share of metal album covers. This may be his best album cover for a metal album, as this album is so damn colossal just as the ball that stands right in the center.

Stomp 442 is an interesting album in Anthrax's discography, in the sense that it blends together some of the band's most crushing moments with some of their most melodic. Opener "Random Acts of Senseless Violence" is one of the most pumped up openers I've ever heard, it immediately makes you want to kick some ass. John Bush's vocal performance is the biggest part in giving this song so much fucking attitude. The main riff helps too, but Bush's spitting lines and the infectious snarling of 'RANDOM ACTS OF SENSELESS, RANDOM ACTS OF SENSELESS' is really what makes this a perfect song for getting all that built up rage out. In fact, this album might include Bush's best vocal performances with Anthrax. The pre-chorus scream of 'SUCK IT' in "Riding Shotgun" is one of the most badass sounding things out there.

Scott Ian and guest guitarist Paul Crook's riffs are crunching and crushing, while contrasting the meaty sound with screeching and face melting bends. "Drop the Ball" is a spiral of crazy soloing and a riff that pounds your face into the ground like a hammer on a nail. Dimebag guests on "King Size" and "Riding Shotgun" for a couple delicious solos. The latter also has Frank Bello's basslines getting some shine time. You know those 90's music videos where the camera is just spinning out of control, going all over the place? That's what can be imagined while listening to "In a Zone", and it's absolutely amazing.

Despite the majority of the album being an explosive groove-thrash fest of brutality, "Nothing" and "Bare" are a couple of the most melodic songs the band has done. While I would say that these are the weaker songs on the album, they're still great and give the album a good contrast of sounds. "Bare" in particular sounds like it came right out of one of Alice in Chains's mellow/acoustic EP's.

Stomp 442 was an album that went under-promoted and forgotten, when it should have become regarded as one of the best albums groove metal had to offer. Along with Vulgar Display of Power, this is one of the best albums for getting all that built up anger out and also when you just want to bang your head right off. Along with We've Come For You All, this is the best of the Bush albums, and one that no fan of groove or thrash metal should miss.
A savage Anthrax album; and a worthy addition to any metal collection. Stomp 442 is a brutal hard rock album with a metal edge, full to the brim of very `Scott Ian trademark,' riffs; awesome guitar solos and very funky, head bang-able breakdowns. For ages I had written this album off, I listened to it about four times and gave up on it... but recently I came back to try it and realised how very good it is, its now one of my favourite albums. The production is great, the riffs are plentiful and the vocals are awesome; there's even appearances by Dimebag Darrel! Songs like `Random Acts Of Senseless Violence,' `Tester,' and `American Pompeii,' are pure class. The album is wonderful, but was under promoted and ignored by record company politics; on quality alone it deserves to be huge.

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