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Album · 2001

Filed under Power Metal


1. In Excelsis (1:03)
2. Nova Era (4:52)
3. Millennium Sun (5:11)
4. Acid Rain (6:07)
5. Heroes of Sand (4:39)
6. Unholy Wars: Part I: Imperial Crown / Part II: Forgiven Return (8:13)
7. Rebirth (5:17)
8. Judgement Day (5:40)
9. Running Alone (7:14)
10. Visions Prelude (4:32)

Total Time: 52:51


- Edu Falaschi / vocals
- Kiko Loureiro / guitars
- Rafael Bittencourt / guitars
- Aquiles Priester / drums
- Felipe Andreolli / bass

- Rita Maria / Choirs
- Carolin Wols / Choirs
- Mestre Dinho / Voices (Track 6)
- Grupo Woyekê / Voices (Track 6)
- Roman Mekinulov / Cello
- Douglas "ShakerHand" Las Casas / Percussion
- Zeca Loureiro / Choirs
- Andre Kbelo / Choirs
- Dennis Ward / Choirs
- Günter Werno / Keyboards

About this release

Release date: November 13, 2001
Label: Paradoxx/SPV

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Rebirth: it would have been hard to find a more fitting title for Angra’s fourth full-length album, the first after the band split in two and was left for dead at the time by many specialized magazines. Singer Andre Matos and the entire rhythm section comprised of Luís Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori departed to form Shaman, leaving guitarists Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt to pick up the pieces. The duo recruited Felipe Andreoli (bass), Aquiles Priester (drums) and Edu Falaschi (vocals) to try and keep the Angra ship alive. But the album does not feel like a rebirth just in terms of its revolutionized line-up. It is also a musical rebirth, after a record, Fireworks, that was probably too ambitious for its own good and ultimately felt a bit like a mixed bag.

Rebirth does not waste any time to let the listener know that things have changed. In this sense, opener (after the obligatory orchestral intro) “Nova Era” is a strong statement of intents. The Brazilian folk experimentations of the past line-up are considerably toned down (though they still surface on a couple of songs) in favour of a more direct and fast-tempo speed/power metal approach that immediately showcases the talents of the new line-up, particularly of drummer Aquiles Priester and singer Edu Falaschi. Although Falaschi does not have the unique charm of Matos’ voice, his range is impressive and his crystalline delivery shows that Angra have found an excellent substitute for their iconic former singer. Elsewhere the album moves in more progressive territories, with songs (“Millennium Sun”, “Unholy Wars”, “Running Alone”) built around complex structures, tempo changes, extended instrumental passages, and great orchestral arrangements, courtesy of Günter Werno from German prog metallers Vanden Plas.

These tracks are what elevates Rebirth above the standard power metal sound that one can find aplenty on albums released in the late 1990s / early 2000s. At the same time, the music is more streamlined, direct and powerful than what typically characterizes a prog metal release. In this way, Rebirth walks the fine line between the two worlds, pleasing fans of standard European (and especially Italian) power metal as well as those of more progressively-inclined bands like Queensrÿche and Dream Theatre.

In large part, Rebirth is a success story as the tunes are pleasant, accessible and at the same time sufficiently varied and multifaceted to keep things interesting. But, as a prog metal aficionado, I cannot help but miss the drive to experiment and push things forward and in unexpected directions that had characterized the earlier work of the band. It is particularly songs like “Acid Rain”, “Heroes of Sand” and “Judgment Day” that haven’t aged very well: lacking a strong melodic presence and deprived of interesting forward-thinking moments, these tracks fall a bit flat and bog down an album that remains nevertheless better than average.

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I have to admit I have never been a big fan of Angra. Mainly, I think, because of the vocals. Andre Matos was never my cup of tea. I will say, however, that Fireworks had some more-than-promising moments on it. Because of this I was not very enthusiastic about hearing Rebirth. Even in the face of friends of mine who were praising the album highly, I remained skeptical. I am the first to admit when I'm wrong, so, I'm wrong.

This album is a whole new Angra! Partly due, at least, to the addition of new vocalist Edu Falashi. This guy has an outstanding voice; Clean, powerful and full of emotion. The songs as well seem to have a renewed vigor and fire about them. This now is a band that could potentially give Symphony X a run for their money in the symphonic metal field. There is so much energy and power on Rebirth that it could truly be considered a debut album. What I mean is that the band sounds hungry again. "Acid Rain" is a big, strong track with a good mid-tempo drive and excellent melody. The drumming of Aquiles Priester is fluid and flawless! His tasteful licks add a fantastic texture to this and the rest of the songs on the album. The syncopation on the pre-chorus is a perfect pre-cursor to the double kick-drums on the chorus. Edu absolutely shines on the chorus, too. No lead credit is given, so I am unsure whether it is Kiko Loureiro or Rafael Bittencourt providing the stunning lead work, but regardless it is a super high point of this already stellar track. The 8-minute "Unholy Wars" begins with some tribal chanting and percussion as the matching guitar rhythm slowly rises in the mix. This is one of the tracks on the album where you are positive this is not just another power metal album. After the rhythmic feel is carried for a few bars, the band comes crashing through the door with a high-speed metal riff. This epic is the centerpiece of the record as its grabbing melodies coupled with the band's spot-on playing will have your jaw on the floor. "Judgement Day" begins with a driving drum patter before the aggressive riff takes over. There is a piano overlay on the intro that is simply perfect. A typical synth overlay would have been too predictable. A great example of the band establishing their own sound.

It's hard to stop here, but this review is getting a bit lengthy. From the beautiful strains of the title track, to the symphonic grandeur of "Nova Era," Rebirth is a record no power metal fan will want to be without. Angra's Rebirth combines tradition with ambition and walks away completely successful.
I am a bit of a fan of these crazy Brazillians, do I decide to buy a 2 pack of their albums (this one and Temple Of Shadows) So, this being my first full Angra album, I thought it was pretty good. To be homest I was expecting a wee bit more from these guys.

I did prefer André Matos as a singer, but that doesn't leave Ed being any less of a singer, and also, doesn't Ed look like Jay from Jay & Silent Bob, and doesn't Rafael Bittencourt look like Steve Perry from Journey.

This album does have some absolute amazing moments though.

1. In Excelesis - Nice epic intro. 8/10

2. Nova Era - Amazing chorus and some amazing instrumental work. The arranment is killer. 10/10

3. Millenium Sun - Odd arrangment, but some killer vocals. 9/10

4. Acid Rain - Pretty kick ass at times. The instrumental sections really make the song what it is. 8/10

5. Heroes Of Sand - Pretty epic song. Very interesting chorus. 9/10

6. Unholy Wars - Wow, I wasn't expecting this. This song has some odd twists and turns, but that just makes it more exciting of a song. The chorus is just magical 10/10

7. Rebirth - Usual Angra song. It's okay, I guess. 7/10

8. Judgement Day - Some killer riffs and cool rhthyms. 8/10

9. Running Alone - Some lovely piano work during the instrumental section. Pretty cool chorus. 9/10

10. Visions (Prelude) - Nice arrangement and a great ending. 9/10

CONCLUSION: Meh...I know these guys can do better. I don't know, maybe this album will grow on me

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