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Album · 1994


1. Thousand Lakes (2:03)
2. Into Hiding (3:45)
3. The Castaway (5:32)
4. First Doom (3:52)
5. Black Winter Day (3:50)
6. Drowned Maid (4:23)
7. In the Beginning (3:37)
8. Forgotten Sunrise (4:53)
9. To Father's Cabin (3:50)
10. Magic and Mayhem (4:27)

Total Time: 40:18


- Tomi Koivusaari / Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
- Esa Holopainen / Lead Guitars
- Olli - Pekka Laine / Bass
- Jan Rechberger / Drums
- Kasper Mårtenson / Keyboards, Moog
- Ville Tuomi / Clean Vocals

About this release

Full-length, Spinefarm, September 1st, 1994

Released by Spinefarm in Finland.
Released by Relapse in North America (RR 6901-2)
Released by Nuclear Blast in Europe. (Catalogue number of this edition: NB 097-2
(SPV 84-141202))
Also released as a picture LP by Nuclear Blast. (NB 097-1 PD/ 27361 68971)
First print of the digi also contains the track Light My Fire. Catalogue number is NB 097-2 DIGI

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

It took me more than the usual number of listens before I really felt I grasped what Amorphis were doing here, but Tales From the Thousand Lakes has really grown on me. Amorphis offer up here an interesting blend of death metal with folky passages and occasional outbursts of progressive rock. What really stood out to me was that, to my ears at least, it sounded like the particular brand of prog they were dabbling in here is in the vein of classic-period Jethro Tull - an unusual choice for a prog metal band, but one which I think pays strong dividends here. In the early tracks the band risk straying into cheesy territory, but over the course of the album the brutal death metal aspects of their sound gradually assert dominance, until by the end they have pushed nearly everything else out - a clever way of depicting a situation of escalating violence and desperation. On the whole, a very successful album which demands - and rewards - repeated hearings before it unlocks its secrets.
Classic death metal album with multiple incorporated different genres into it. This classic album by finnish death metal godfathers Amorphis will probably remain my best metal album forever! And the reason won't be just sentimental. It's musical as well! Takes from the Thousand Lakes is not just perfect, but it could be described as an encyclopedia of metal music as whole. It incorporate a lot of genres and contains "thousand lakes" of ideas and rhythms. TFTTL is blend of melodic death, doom/death, folk and progressive metal with well-arranged structure and without weak moments. It's real reference to some hard rock and heavy metal tunes, too. The album is real inspiration for all of above genres. The sound is very compact and complete. I shan't mention any songs, because each song is classic by itself. The other thing I would like to talk about is the age of the musicians. Almost all of them were teenagers at the time of the release. It's an incredible feet for that young band and reveals the potential and talent of the band at that time. Metal masterpiece and a must for all metal collections. Absolute 5 stars!

Members reviews

Primeval Scum
This album is Amorphis' crowning achievement, their magnum opus. Tales From The Thousand Lakes might just be one of the best and most atmospheric melodeath albums of all time. They combine a lot of influences here (death metal, folk, doom metal, prog) that all unite to form a dark and rich atmosphere that grips you from the very beginning and never lets up.

There are no weak spots here. Every track has multiple melodic and insanely memorable riffs that are the epitome of Amorphis' trademark style of mixing folk and doom with death metal riffs. The growls are deep and resonant and greatly enhance the gloomy ambiance. The album artwork is beautiful and the lyrics are epic (inspired by the Finnish Kalevela). The keyboards are utilized tastefully, enough to enhance the atmosphere of the album without being overdone or tacky or upsetting fans of Amorphis' more traditional death metal approach in the prior album.

Every track is a journey, but the standouts are "The Castaway", the classic "Black Winter Day", "In The Beginning", and "Magic And Mayhem". The deluxe version of the album also includes multiple bonus tracks (Moon And Sun Pts. I & II) which are also excellent. I'm not sure why they weren't included on the album in the first place.

Kudos to Amorphis. I will be playing this album for a long, long time. 5/5

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