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EP · 1992

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1. Brother (4:27)
2. Got Me Wrong (4:12)
3. Right Turn (3:17)
4. Am I Inside (5:09)
5. Love Song (hidden track) (3:44)

Total Time 20:51


- Layne Staley / vocals, drums on Love Song
- Jerry Cantrell / guitar, backing vocals, bass on Love Song
- Mike Starr / bass, guitar on Love Song
- Sean Kinney / drums, percussion, megaphone, piano

- Mark Arm / vocals (track 3)
- Chris Cornell / vocals (track 3)
- Ann Wilson / vocals (track 1, 4, 5)

About this release

February 4, 1992

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siLLy puPPy
After their slow burner “Facelift” had made ALICE IN CHAINS a fairly huge band after a lengthy tour, they set forth to start recording material for a follow up album but in the midst of it all ended up recording five acoustic songs. Following a dream of drummer Sean Kinney that told him they must release an EP called SAP, they did. And in the process not only surprised a newly found fan base by their different dark folk sound but also by the fact that this was some damned good material. Beneath the grungy aggressive metal sounds this band had some serious soul and Layne Staley proved his vocal versatility. The band also incorporated some guest vocalists on this little gem. Ann Wilson from Heart lends her voice on “Brother” and “Am I Inside” and Chris Cornell also makes a few appearances as well a few other less knowns.

There are four beautifully constructed acoustic tracks here that are melodically brilliant but really fit into the depressive downer style that ALICE IN CHAINS was so adept at. There is also a hidden fifth track that sounds more like something off a Mike Patton related project as it sounds like a group of musically gifted ghosts with a megaphone rockin' out. I have always loved this EP as much as the much more popular symphonically oriented “Jar Of Flies” EP. The guitars are unplugged but this is definitely ALICE IN CHAINS and in retrospect a perfect little creation in between their debut and their magnum opus “Dirt.” Don't miss this one!
Right from the beginning, nobody could accuse Alice In Chains of being predictable. With only a single full-length album under their belts, they chose to follow Facelift with, oddly enough, a mostly acoustic recording. Surprisingly, nobody seemed to mind.

Plenty of great guest spots crammed into such a small running time. We get Ann Wilson from Heart, as well as fellow grungers Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Mark Arm (Mudhoney) making memorable appearances.

It’s hard for me to choose an obvious favorite song; all four songs are great. “Brother” has an excellent chorus, with Ann Wilson’s vocals shining brightly. “Got Me Wrong” stands out (not in a bad way) on this recording as being the only tune of the core four compositions to feature distorted guitars. It’s a very catchy song, and the electric guitars help give the song an extra kick (compared to the version off the MTV Unplugged performance). “Right Turn” and “Am I Inside” both have exceptional vocal deliveries by all participants. The outro of “Right Turn” has Arm and Cornell using overlapping vocal passages to great effect, and Staley and Wilson both turn in top-notch performances in “Am I Inside”.

A hidden track, commonly called “Love Song”, is also included. It’s a rather odd Kinney composition, obviously thrown in as a laugh by the band, though it doesn’t really negatively alter my view of this EP.

Alice In Chains took a slight risk with Sap, but the result is a fantastic alternative metal (metal in a loose sense) album. Definitely worth purchasing!
In late 1991 Alice In Chains gathered together in a studio to record demos for their upcoming second studio album, but one thing led to another and soon they had an EP's worth of mostly acoustic material, which they decided to release after drummer Sean Kinney had a dream of them releasing an EP called Sap. Better not mess with fate, they thought.

Sap saw AIC joined by several guest stars on the mic, Ann Wilson from Heart appearing on many tracks. The great opener Brother has her joining Layne Staley in the chorus and she also has a big part in Am I Inside, perhaps the least good track of the EP. Got Me Wrong is another really good tune and the only one where AIC is alone, along with Brother this song would appear on their Unplugged live album being given a great treating. Right Turn is credited to Alice Mudgarden as it features the Mudhoney and Soundgarden lead singers Mark Arm and Chris Cornell. This is a decent tune most notable for the chorus where Chris Cornell displays the capacity of his lungs. All of these songs are built on acoustic guitars with some electric spices here and there, I personally don't very much like this somewhat off-balance sound and prefer the completely acoustic renditions of the first two tracks on the Unplugged album. I think I won't say much about the hidden track Love Song. Let's just say that the members switch instruments and Sean Kinney handles piano and megaphone. Listen for yourself.

A nice little mouthful, but they would take the same formula and produce much better results a couple of years later with Jar of Flies.

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