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Album · 1982

Filed under Heavy Metal


1. Fast as a Shark (3:48)
2. Restless and Wild (4:11)
3. Ahead of the Pack (3:24)
4. Shake Your Heads (4:17)
5. Neon Nights (6:03)
6. Get Ready (3:41)
7. Demon's Night (4:27)
8. Flash Rockin' Man (4:28)
9. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away (3:15)
10. Princess of the Dawn (6:15)

Total Time: 43:55


- Udo Dirkschneider / vocals
- Wolf Hoffmann / guitars
- Peter Baltes / bass
- Stefan Kaufmann / drums

About this release

Release date: October 2, 1982
Label: Brain Records (Germany), Portrait Records

Released with different cover artwork in countries other than Germany.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Accept had really found their sound with 1981's Breaker, which displayed an equal amount of speed, melody, heaviness, and even a majestic quality. Restless and Wild continues the classic Accept sound, and ups the ante in certain ways.

Opener Fast as a Shark tricks the listener with its opening of what I'm assuming is some old German folk/polka record before careening into a thrashing barrage that is an equal to Breaker's title track. Flash Rockin' Man is one of the band's best deep cuts, incredibly intense with a fantastic main riff that presents the 80's metal sound at its best. Udo's scream at the end of the song is particularly impressive.

Flash Rockin' Man would be my favorite song on here, if it wasn't for the foreboding yet beautifully melodic Princess of the Dawn. It's a perfect closer, and the chanting-like vocals of the chorus make it an easy stick.

A great second in Accept's excellent five album run from Breaker to Russian Roulette.
"Restless and Wild" is certainly an apt description of Accept's music, but to me this one isn't quite as immediately gripping as the preceding Breaker. Part of that is because the musical approach here is a bit less focused, with more experiments in working in more complex guitar passages and the like to keep up with what the likes of Iron Maiden were doing with their sound at the time.

In other words, it feels like a bit of a transitional album to me - but to give them their due, few bands manage to make such transitions sound as compelling and exciting as Accept do, and it certainly isn't a disappointment on any account.

Members reviews

This was Accept's real breakthrough album. Sure, Balls to the Wall would be their biggest hit, but this is where they really got it together. The album is not 100% consistent and there are a few duds, but there are also a number of truly classic metal moments here, including what many have cited as the first example of "speed metal." I'm referring of course to the breakneck opener, "Fast as a Shark," which begins with a scratchy recording of some German polka music before launching into a full on thrash assault. Fast as a shark, indeed.

The title track keeps things moving, before the album gets bogged down in two sub-par numbers "Ahead of the Pack" and "Shake Your Heads." At this point, the new listener may be concerned that the this is a one hit record, but not to worry. Things are about to pick up considerably.

I have heard some people complain about "Neon Nights," but for me it is one of the album's highlights. It is certainly more atmospheric and experimental than anything else found here, and I consider it a triumph for the band.

Side 2 is filled with punchy rockers with good riffs, and is pretty solid all the way to the final track, "Princess of the Dawn." This last is the longest song on the album, and it is epic, folks. A real game changer. With it's sci-fi lyrics, persistent middle tempo and breathtaking sweep-style guitar solo, it almost sounds like a different band. It's definitely the best song here, and my only regret is that it cuts out suddenly in the middle of a word. I guess it's just the band members poling fun at their own heaviness.

"Restless and Wild" isn't a perfect album, but it is a classic and contains many prototypes that would be very influential to other bands. Four stars.

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